Spanish mega complex to make progress

ILD made deals to install the first eight casino hotels in Gran Scala

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International Leisure Development (ILD), promoter of the complex than includes a theme park, tourism and leisure, has concluded agreements with eight groups of the sector to be in charge of other hotel casino projects, according to sources of the pool of companies.

These agreements guarantee the opening of more than half of the first phase of Gran Scala, which will finally include between twelve and fourteen casino-hotels. The leisure offer for that part of the project, which ILD aims to start in Autumn 2010, will be focused in Space Port theme park and the mixed park to be comprised by Spyland and Aquántica -on the water-.

However, from January 22-26, ILD leaders intend to close several deals with more firms on the sector. On top of that, Gran Scala project continues to keep in touch with touristic operators.

ILD leaders are worried about speculative movements with the land in Los Monegros, where some brokers put prices of 30,000 euros per hectare, while it is valued between 1,800 and 3,000. Promoters of the project, however, pointed: “Without the project, the earth is worthless”.

The same sources also said that businessmen will not pay for the land more than the market price, which was established before the announcement of the project, and added that their exclusive mediator with regards to localization is Aragon government. At last, they reminded that "everything depends on the land" in order to start the development of the project, once they start signing deals with the operators.

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