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July 24, 2021

At the usual Jockey Exhibition Center in Lima

PGS 2021 to take place face-to-face across August 25-26

PGS 2021 to take place face-to-face across August 25-26
Rubén Solorzano and Joe López, AMG.
Peru | 01/15/2021

In a press release addressed to the industry, Peru Gaming Show (PGS) authorities have announced that the 2021 edition of the show will be held face-to-face at the Jockey Exhibition Center. "Although we are aware that the global gaming industry has been seriously hit, we are optimistic and we believe activities cannot remain on hold."


ubén Solorzano, managing director at AMG —the show’s organizing company—, explained that  "having a 19-year career in the business, PGS has built close relationships with key gaming leaders and has always strived to offer top-level events that are able to satisfy the most demanding attendees."

"Manufacturers and operators, the pillars of our industry, give rise to new activities that help reactivate the gaming and entertainment sector; and that is where PGS stands, an organization committed to offering the best trade show for the benefit of both players within the industry."

"Throughout the time, PGS has become a solid trade show which has kept the gaming market active and up-to-date by exhibiting the latest innovations as well as every brand and line of business within the industry," Solorzano explained.

"PGS has managed to attract an outstanding number of visitors and position itself as a leading organization in Latin America. In 2020, we were gearing up to present an amazing show, but sadly, the world became paralyzed by the COVID-19 outbreak, frustrating our plans. Faced with this dramatic scenario, we made wise decisions with responsibility, seriousness, and respect towards our customers and followers: first, we followed the development of the pandemic closely, as well as the different measures implemented by government authorities and once we did that, we rescheduled our activities accordingly."

"Although we are aware that the global gaming industry has been seriously hit, we are optimistic and believe activities cannot remain on hold, as there is a strong desire by the sector to collaborate and be caring with each other, to reopen the industry. After being apart for so long, it’s time for us to reunite and generate direct networking spaces," he explained.

"That is why PGS 2021 will be the perfect scenario for the reunion of an industry that keeps moving forward. Thanks to the trust and optimism we generate among manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, developers, authorities, and the general public, we will be able to make PGS 2021 the great event that the gaming industry is looking forward to."

"PGS 2021 will take place across August 25-26 at the usual Jockey Exhibition Center in Lima, Peru. See you soon and take care," Solorzano added, and pointed that the terms and conditions agreed on with our customers for PGS 2020 will be honored, and, as usual, "we remain at their entire disposal for any queries that may arise."

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