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January 19, 2021

Stadium Swim

Circa Resort & Casino in downtown Las Vegas reveals 'pool amphitheater'

Circa Resort & Casino in downtown Las Vegas reveals 'pool amphitheater'
Stadium Swim will be open seven days a week, excluding closures for private events. The pool deck can be rented out for special events, meetings and parties.
United States | 07/10/2020

Circa Las Vegas to have 'Stadium Swim' multi-level pool venue, open 365 days a year.


evelopers of Circa Resort & Casino opening in downtown Las Vegas on Thursday announced that the property's multi-level pool amphitheater will be called Stadium Swim.

According to a news release, upon opening on Oct. 28, Stadium Swim, a multi-level pool amphitheater, will be open 365 days a year.

The pool amphitheater, which developers say overlooks both downtown Las Vegas and the Strip, will feature a massive screen for sports fans and sunseekers to watch games and entertainment of all kinds.

The venue will also feature Ultraviolet Light (UVL) sanitation and water-recirculation patterns, according to a release. Developers said this will provide guests with "the cleanest and healthiest public pool experience in Las Vegas."

The multi-tiered outdoor amphitheater, designed by Steelman Partners, will feature six pools and two spas. Each body of water will be a different temperature ranging from 78 to 94 degrees depending on weather conditions, the release said.

Circa developers said the fifth-level pools will be heated to a temperature of 104 degrees on colder days, providing guests with an après ski-like sensation.

“We’re building Stadium Swim to be unlike any pool in existence today and to reinvent the Vegas pool party, 365 days a year,” said Circa’s CEO Derek Stevens. “I can promise there will be no better location in the world to watch a big game than at Stadium Swim – even better than at the game itself. Beyond sports, it will be a great place to catch sun and listen to music, and I believe it will be a destination experience that inspires trips to Las Vegas.”

Reservations for Stadium Swim are live now at and can be booked using an interactive 3D map.

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