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June 15, 2019

The government should draft amendments to the gambling law within 30 days

Kosovo suspends casinos, betting shops to increase control

Kosovo suspends casinos, betting shops to increase control
Gambling activities have a negative social and economical impact on citizens, according to the motives for the amendments.
Albania | 03/25/2019

The Parliament of Kosovo voted on Friday to shut down all casinos and betting shops.


awmakers voted 74-0 in favor of a resolution suspending gambling activities until a draft law the government will prepare in 30 days is approved. It did not say what the new law will change.

Kosovo police shut gambling centres all over the country on Friday as parliament voted to suspend gambling activity, pending an outright ban, following two murders linked to casinos.

Avdullah Hoti, a lawmaker with the Democratic League of Kosovo party who proposed the resolution, said "betting games have grabbed the citizens and no one has become rich with the betting shop businesses."

In a post on his Facebook page, Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said he is looking for Cabinet approval next week.

In 2018, the government gained 16 million euros ($18 million) from gambling receipts.

After neighboring Albania closed all casinos and betting shops last year, many of them moved to Kosovo.