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June 24, 2021

Diana Parasmo, Magic Dreams Marketing & Product

“Argentina, Africa and South East Asia are the markets with highest potential for 2012”

(UK, exclusive “This show is particularly important, because we are launching several new products”, pointed Diana Parasmo, Magic Dreams Marketing & Product, talking about ICE show, held last month in London. She commented about the new products and developments that the firm presented and also about the main markets for the company.


hat are you showing at ICE?
This show is particularly important for us, because we are launching several new products. First of all, in terms of hardware, we are launching the new cabinet, the new upright cabinet, named WOW. We are proud because it is completely different from our former upright cabinet and it offers something that is new, different and eye-catching in terms of entertainment. We wanted to change our trend offering something completely different to the market. The main important point is that the screen is larger, is wider, is 32 inches, so its offers a more involving gaming experience to the player.

With regards to the software, I’m very proud to show two new categories, two new series. The first one is Highball series that was presented in SAGSE Buenos Aires last year. It is a cutting edge concept because it is a standalone progressive jackpot series, but in this way you can link one of the top level with all the machines on the bench. That is different because it offers the unique experience of a progressive jackpot standalone, so the player wins that level and that level can be won only by the player of that machine, no linking, no share the money and so; but in this one, the top one is linked in order to increase quickly and offers something more attractive to the player.

On the other hand, the absolutely new product that we are launching now is Time Voyagers Jackpot System, which is a new jackpot system linked this time featuring 3 new titles that are set in the past “Back to Rome”, “Back to Renascimiento” and “Back to Jurassic”.  Players have to play the based game, and later they can activate a time machine and travel from the past to the future, and win the jackpot. The jackpot is a complicated concept because it offers seven different bonuses to the player, in order to keep always surprised, thrilled in the feeling of the play.

These are the main products we are launching here. Of course poker is one of our most important products, particularly in Europe and in Africa. It is our pillar because it’s something that is always very successful, so we must always show the poker because it is one of our reasons of pride.

We are also showing the roulette, which has a great performance in South America. In Argentina in particular, the roulette in Spanish is performing excellent, so we are showing it once again in London.

What is the most important market currently?
Last year the company entered in a several new markets. First of all in Africa we’ve started cooperating with a local distributor not only for South Africa but for the whole continent, and there we collected brilliant performance in several different countries. So we can say we are very happy with this because it sets the ground for a brilliant future in this territory.

And of course Argentina is extremely important for us. We are investing a lot in this country, because this year in particular we want to increase deeply our market share there, and a lot of these products are studied in order to push our business there. We are closing a distribution agreement with a Philippine distributor for South East Asia and Europe, a continent that is always important because it is so challenging.

To sum up, for sure Argentina, Africa and South East Asia are the countries or markets with the highest potential for this year.

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