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June 24, 2021

It is online on Facebook

Northern Ireland’s players launched a petition to legalise poker

(Ireland).- A party of players have launched a petition on Facebook asking poker to be declared one game of skill. “The antiquated gambling laws in Northern Ireland need to be changed,” reads the online petition.


he online petition is available to sign at and the requested change in definition would see poker legalised under the governing Betting, Gaming And Lotteries Act.

“It makes no sense that games of chance such as bingo and slot/fruit machines as well as bookmaking are all allowed while poker, which is a game of skill requiring maths, game theory, psychology and more, is not permitted.

“Clubs where people from all backgrounds gather to enjoy a good game of poker, a friendly safe place, where no drink is served, and people just get along, having fun, good craic, and also places that could employ quite a few good people, are not permitted to operate legally in Northern Ireland unlike the rest of the UK and the Republic Of Ireland.

“This makes no sense. Poker is a game of skill. Meanwhile, there are bookies in every town and that's pure gambling as are the lottery, bingo and fruit machines. These are permitted but poker is not.”

Northern Ireland is currently the only part of the United Kingdom where it is illegal to engage in games of live poker but this strange paradox could all change if a group of campaigners get their way.

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