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September 21, 2021

Statements by Carlos Sanz Blanco, from Codere, during its talk in EY!Mexico

“The certification of equipments is today a key issue for the Mexican market”

(Mexico, exclusive Within the series of conferences EY!10 México held last week, a panel of exhibitors comprised by operators, manufacturers and laboratorios, analyzed the advantages and requirements for the certification of equipments in the country.


n the last two months, the certification of equipments in Mexico is not a project any more, and became a tangible reality. The industry begun to understand the importance of the equipments that are currently operating pass through this process gradually, to take benefit of the advantages from a serious certification that guarantees the quality of the products present in the gambling venues.

A panel of exhibitors comprised by operators, manufacturers and laboratories of certification analyzed that phenomenon. In order to introduce the issue, Carlos Sanz Blanco (on behalf of Codere Group) offered to a full auditorium an overview of the legal frame that is currently in force in the region, and the way in which these norms are complied.

Then, Salvador Sánchez Abarca, from NYCE, talked on the matter: “The certification  is a difficult issue, that has to be understood little by little, and in which we are having a lot of progress in Mexico”. Sánchez Abarca also did a detailed round on the current functions of NYCE, and pointed that “the certification is something that is starting, and that has to mature in Mexico, and is something that in short we will be able to analyze and quantify in terms of benefits.”

Besides, Karen Sierra-Hughes, on behalf of GLI international labs, detailed the extent of the organization and the control processes made in order to issue the corresponding certification of the equipment. Sierra-Hughes added that they have been working for more than two years together with NYCE, supporting and boosting the technical certification of equipments in the Mexican territory.

When talking about the advantages, we can say that regulators and manufacturers are a key tool, because in the 70% of the cases, equipments do not pass the first test, improving this way this quality control and service to the player. “And for players and operators, It is always important to know that the device is analyzed, regulated and tested, guaranteeing a fair bet when gambling, and avoiding frauds and manipulations of any kind, which might harm both bettors and gaming operators.”

Alfastreet is the first manufacturer that has certified equipments in the country. In the name of the company, Damijan Plecko pointed that many markets are now harmed by bad regulations, but in the Mexican case, this certification allows operators and bettors to count with high-quality equipments and products which improves the level and the confidence in the industry.

Finally, the lawyer Alfredo Lascano emphazised that today it is important that authorities understand that obtaining a paper or a certification allows authorities to assure that there is a big effort in controlling an equipment, and that qualified personnel in labs are doing a serious work, and the industry has more chances of growth and a better collection, if they count with voluntary process that regulate this sector.

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