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June 24, 2021

The continual focus on further developing the topper market has paid dividends for the firm

Suzo Happ reports “very busy” IGE trade show

(UK).- True to the company’s strategy of “best-in-class,” Suzo Happ presented a wealth of new innovations to the gaming market at recent IGE event, held in January 26-28 in London. The continual focus on further developing the topper market has paid dividends for the firm.

The Suzo Happ team constantly listens to market requirements from our customers. With over fifty years of experience, we understand how to turn ideas into winning products. The new topper range was excellently received at the exhibition. We are very excited about the prospects for these products”, Suzo Happ’s European MD, Marcel Oelen, explained.

The continual focus on further developing the topper market has paid dividends for Suzo Happ. Last year’s ICE saw a wave of innovation, such as the RGB toppers, the Ellipse TFT Topper that allows videos to be portrayed on the LCD screen and the ability to link toppers for cascading purposes. The next wave of innovation was presented at this year’s ICE, taking topper technology to the next generation.

Traditionally toppers are used to attract players to slots. Now the Suzo Happ toppers can be integrated as part of the game play. Gaming machine manufactures have thus been presented with new ways to distinguish their slots and to extend the gaming experience for the players.

The new toppers offer plug-and-play USB connectors for gaming manufactures to integrate as part of the game. This joint-venture with Heber has brought new life in the topper market. Customers can choose from the Round Topper, Round Video Topper and Reel Topper. The latter includes 3 reels from Starpoint. This is an ideal opportunity for manufacturers of video-based gaming machines to integrate the passion of reel-based games into their technology.

“The Reel Topper is an ideal example of the synergies that the Suzo Happ Group can make use of – combing the topper technology of Suzo with the reel technology of Starpoint”, stated Mr. Oelen.

The three new toppers were accompanied by another topper innovation –the Towerlight Topper. The Towerlight Topper can be added to slots with a towerlight on the top – a simple way to upgrade the attraction of the slot in the casino or arcade. The new Illuminated Handle Mech Ball gives the Handle Ball a new lease of life – in full RBG colour.

The depth of Suzo Happ’s product range underlines the varying solutions that the company can offer. Representing the industry’s best compliments the innovative approach of Suzo Happ. Customers could see the latest innovations from companies such as ELO TouchSystems, FutureLogic, MEI, Hess and Elixir.

One example of new products from these companies: The acoustic pulse recognition (APR) technology from ELO TouchSystems has been widely recognised by the industry for its quality and the new widescreen 22” 2240L touchscreen was very welcomed. “We wish to thank all visitors to our stand at the IGE”, commented Marcel Oelen in conclusion.

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