Interview: Lachezar Petrov, CT Interactive CEO

“At ICE we made steps towards our business goals in different markets by sealing agreements with leading operators”

Lachezar Petrov, CEO of CT Interactive.
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During the month of April, ICE London successfully gathered the international gambling industry at large following a 26-month hiatus. The event saw high attendance levels and favorable reception from participating companies, among them online gaming content supplier CT Interactive.

In an exclusive interview with YogonetLachezar Petrov, CEO of CT Interactive shared an assessment of the company’s presence at ICE London. He also spoke about the positive impact that its parent company, Telematic Interactive Bulgaria AD, going public has had, being the first gaming company in Bulgaria to do so. Finally, he shared insights on the growth of iGaming worldwide and how the company intends to continue to capitalize from it.

What were the highlights, key products, and main focus for CT Interactive at ICE? Have you met your key goals and expectations?

Maybe the most prominent exhibition of its kind in the industry is ICE, and it is an excellent platform for CT Interactive to showcase its products and solutions. We did considerable preparation for our presence at the show this year. Being a perfect networking opportunity, the event allowed us to share knowledge, grow connections with our customers and industry peers, and develop promising new relationships.

Signaling the dynamic roadmap we have planned for the year ahead, we showcased an exciting range of quality games and content. Diversity and content delivery drove our showcase because this is where we firmly believe we can meet the evolving expectations of customers and players.

We placed the spotlight on our expanding catalog of games and premium verticals. To showcase it best, our Business Development experts were placed in the foreground at the client's disposal. With their profound knowledge of the markets and players' preferences, our customers and partners couldn’t get better representatives of our products.

What was the feedback you received from visitors to the stand?

We had excellent feedback from our partners and the visitors. We offer trustworthy information and products tailored to our consumers' individual needs, thus helping them traverse the purchase path quickly and confidently.

At ICE we made further steps towards accomplishing our business goals in different markets by sealing agreements with leading operators such as BetFlag, Admiral, and more. We have concluded significant deals with key partners such as Playtech.

Were you able to reflect on CT Interactive’s 10th anniversary in London? Was there any particular strategy or approach to leverage that milestone?

Beyond the exciting new titles and products, we also took time to mark some significant milestones, with CT Interactive celebrating ten years in the industry. We are proud of what we have achieved so far. We started as an online division at CT Gaming, a leading land-based manufacturer and developer with over 20 years of history, in 2012. Now we are a separate company that recently went public with its parent company, Telematic Interactive Bulgaria AD.

Now, CT Interactive offers over 200 games in 17+regulated markets and strives to expand its reach further.

What impact has the fact that Telematic Interactive Bulgaria AD, the parent company of CT Interactive, went public and started trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange in March?

The listing of Telematic Interactive AD could be defined as a milestone event for our company and our domestic gaming market. We are proud that we are the pioneers, being the first gaming company in Bulgaria that gained the trust and confidence of the investors. Being a public company brings a big responsibility, but we are ready for that challenge. Our investors' commitment motivates us to work even harder to meet and exceed expectations.

From left to right: Manyu Moravenov, head of Bulgarian Stock Exchange; Milo Borissov, CEO of CT Gaming;
Lachezar Petrov, CEO of Telematic Interactive.

Towards the end of February, CT Interactive announced the launch of its new upgraded website What were the key reasons and expectations behind this upgrade? What future product launches or developments are you working on?

Our new website is more user-friendly with an easy-to-use Clients zone that will help our customers to have easy access to essential information and help them effectively manage complexity and optimize their operational performance.

Regarding the product launches and developments, we are committed to our strategy to launch new games every month.

I will reveal now that we are about to give a more extensive scope by releasing new and enhanced content that meets the needs of our clients worldwide. As part of the ongoing constant development and improvement process, we will unveil an innovative direction for the company shortly.

Due to all the sanitary restrictions of the pandemic, iGaming (casino, sports betting, virtual sports, esports betting, live casino, and e-lotteries) has grown in leaps and bounds. What is your strategy to capitalize on this new digital landscape? Where do you see growth potential for CT Interactive in this market segment amid increasing competition?

The digital space requires flexibility, innovation, and rapid development to be tuned and grow. We are proud of our strong team of professionals that keep us at the forefront of online gaming companies. The growth potential is enormous, and we are confident that we have a bright perspective ahead, planning to enhance our product offerings and extend our market shares further.

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