Borislav Marinov, EGT Interactive's Head of Business Development International Regions

"G2E will be useful to increase our presence in LatAm and begin establishing one in the US"

Borislav Marinov, EGT Interactive's Head of Business Development International Regions.
United States
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This week, EGT Interactive will present an online Live Studio for two types of roulette play in Las Vegas, which is in the final steps before its official launch. More live card games are planned to be added later. Borislav Marinov tells Yogonet that the supplier has begun a process of strengthening its online presence in the Latin American region, and targets the US next.

What are the company's key objectives and expectations for the upcoming G2E expo? What does this long-awaited return to in-person events mean for EGT Interactive, especially to Las Vegas in the framework of such a prestigious event? Which effects do you think new restrictions like vaccination proof will have, and which role will play the virtual additions for those who cannot physically attend?

For our company, this event will be significant. It is vital and long-awaited given the drastic changes caused by the virus situation. Along with the successful exhibitions in Ukraine, Malta, Spain, and the Netherlands come the turn of one of the most important events in our industry's mecca. It is always a pleasure and satisfaction for us to be part of this international project for a volume of innovations, presentations and meetings with current and new partners and clients. Over the past year and a half, our team has taken advantage of the slow pace of the international market and deepened and focused on new developments and improvements to existing products and services. Vegas is the most suitable place to present what we have prepared, and we hope to intrigue the visitors of our stand. Regarding the new restrictions and measures, I think they are slightly exaggerated, but it is good to be disciplined when it comes to our health. This is one way, perhaps the only way, to get out of this situation. Numerous virtual events have already taken place in various industries in an attempt to find a way forward. However, in my opinion, the results are far from satisfactory. The lack of personal contact and the absence of these exhibitions' natural environment have substantial negative significance. We are all social beings, and the industry we work in is entertaining. The virtual additions, in this case, would be applicable only to people who cannot attend physically but not to the whole event to be held as such. 

What products is EGT Interactive planning to showcase and focus on at G2E Las Vegas? What are the attendants going to find at the company's booth this year? What new doors and opportunities do you think your presence there will open up, and in which markets?

This year we have prepared to present to our visitors our latest titles of video slot games fully developed by our team and which you can not find in our land-based operations. Themed animations and heroes and exciting extras are just some of the features that will attract attention! In addition to them, we have prepared to present the latest addition to our portfolio - an online Live studio for roulette play. Here we are among the pioneers, presenting a new additional extra for a more exciting game through our "magic numbers".

Last but not least, we will present our improved version of the classic game KENO or so-called ‘’Burning Keno’’. In our new version, the player can win even if there is no match between his numbers and the drawn ones!

Our presence at G2E and the opportunity to present our current and new products, we believe will be useful in connection with our intentions to increase our presence in Latin America as well as to begin the process of establishing one in the United States. 

Could you name and describe what you consider the most significant innovations EGT Interactive has rolled out in the past year? How would you assess the synergies with EGT and EGT Digital?  

During the last year, definitely the focus of our work was the development of our new slot games - 20 Golden Coins, Orient Story, Secrets of Sherwood, Viking Rising and the latest addition - Diamond Plus! To develop these games, we used the feedback from the markets that we received and researched carefully. In parallel, we worked hard to create our so-called Live Studio project, which is in the final steps before its official launch. For the beginning, we will start with two types of roulette game - classic live and automatic-dynamic one. At a later stage, we have prepared to add several more live card games.

Regarding the activities of the new EGT Digital department, I can say that our colleagues there are doing quite well, and we can soon see their first products on the market. EGT's company policy is to present solutions to its customers in as many verticals as possible and, most importantly, to be fully developed by us. The products offered by Digital and Interactive complement each other and give customers even more choices and opportunities.

What does the LatAm market represent for EGT Interactive? What are the company’s plans, goals, and expectations for the region, for instance, in the recently regulated Buenos Aires jurisdictions? 

Until now, the activity of EGT INTERACTIVE has been focused mainly on the European market. Latin America, Africa and other regions were left for a later stage. In order to be able to present quality solutions that meet the demand as well as the regulations of the markets, we have taken the necessary time to observe and develop. At the moment, we have a more tangible presence in LatAm only in Colombia, but we do not hide our strong interest from other markets in the region, such as Argentina. We have been observing this and neighboring markets for a long time. Thanks to the analysis and experience of our land-based operations in these countries, we have begun a process of strengthening our online presence in the region. The trends are clear and it is no longer a secret which are the most promising locations, but the small markets should not be neglected, because in some places there is also great potential.

What are the company’s plans, goals, and expectations for the coming months? Which are the main markets you will be focusing on, and in which areas do you see growth potential? Are there any new products or projects the company is currently working on that you could anticipate? Are you attending any other in-person/virtual events? 

A few months ago, our company opened a new department "Business Development International Regions" whose management was entrusted to me. The aim of the newly formed team is to explore and analyze potentially successful markets where we can subsequently establish a more tangible presence. At this stage, our company will continue with the development of our live studio, as well as with the enrichment of our portfolio with new slot games, tendentious for specific regions.

We are developing new options for operators that very few content providers can boast of. Given the strong interest in our ground operations games and the growing demand for them online in Europe, we are convinced that with the right strategy and approach, we will have no less success in Latin America, and not long after, perhaps in the USA. These are the main markets we will focus on in the coming months, and maybe years.

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