Wilbert Bieleman to take over Solutions division in EMA

SUZOHAPP MD steps down

Fasano took the leadership role for SCAN COIN as it became a division within SUZOHAPP.
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Colombo Fasano, the Managing Director of SUZOHAPP’s Cash Automation Solutions business in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa will be leaving in mid-October.

When SUZOHAPP purchased SCAN COIN in 2015, Fasano took the leadership role for SCAN COIN as it became a division within SUZOHAPP. As the two companies began the integration process, he filled a critical role in both leading the transition and giving software a central role in the SUZOHAPP solution portfolio. Over time, he helped grow SUZOHAPP’s Solutions business in the retail sector, supporting the company’s strategy to become the premier provider of retail cash automation solutions.

Commenting on Fasano’s departure, Matt Brown, President & CFO of SUZOHAPP, said, “We are grateful for the way Colombo brought the organization forward. He approached every decision with a laser-like focus on our customers. He was their strongest advocate” said Brown. “Colombo leaves us having developed a successful base from which we can take this group to the next level.”

SUZOHAPP will continue to build on this success with the help of Wilbert Bieleman. Bieleman will take over the Solutions division in EMA (i.e., the SCAN COIN business) effective October 13, 2017. Having joined SUZOHAPP in May, Bieleman took leadership over the company’s Components Division in EMA. Moving forward, he will oversee both Solutions & Components and will lead one united EMA Region as Managing Director of all EMA.

“We are confident that Wilbert is the right person to lead SUZOHAPP EMA into the future,” commented Brown. “In just a few months’ time, he has already made a significant impact on our Components business and I expect the same on the Solutions side. I am grateful to both Wilbert and Colombo for working so collaboratively to ensure a complete and smooth transition that will benefit our employees and our customers.”

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