Edvins Lobinsh, CTC Holdings’ Managing Director

“Our new markets to target are South America and South East Asia”

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Which is the presence that CTC currently has in South America and what are your expectations for this 2010?
First of all, the main market for CTC Holdings is Europe, but now we want to be a global supplier, a reliable supplier worldwide, so the new markets for us to target are South America and South East Asia.
To be able to operate in so distant markets, geographically speaking, we need to become local, and for the last couple of years we were looking for reliable sales representatives in those areas. Now, headed by Alejandro Albornoz, we are going to start a new business stage in South America. He is going to be based in Lima, Peru, and from there, he will coordinate our efforts to promote our products.

What products will you present in South America?
Well, we will try to present the full range of our products. However, we will focus on a number of roulette wheels because we know that these products are not manufactured locally; they are imported anyway. These are affordable products and the shipping will also be cheap. In a first stage, these will probably be our main target products. But then, again, you’ll never know, so we are going to present a full range.

The idea is, from Peru, to try to get contact with all South and Central America?
To be honest, I always concentrate in people. For me, it is not the country, but the people what is important. However, Alejandro Albornoz is the person in charge that will work in Lima, and he will do his best to cover as many countries as possible.

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