In order to prevent an increase in gambling addictions

Sweden plans to block online gambling sites

(Sweden).- Sweden is considering plans that would limit its citizen’s access to foreign gambling sites in order to ensure the primacy of its own monopoly, Svenska Spel.
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According to a story from Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, the plans are part of the recent Government-commissioned Nyren Report investigating proposals that could lead to a new controlling gambling act.

If passed as written, the proposals would prevent Sweden-based players from accessing and playing on foreign gambling and poker websites. The Government stated this week that it would continue its efforts at strengthening the nation’s regulations in order to prevent an increase in gambling addictions.

It warned against liberalizing the market but its plans have come under fire from both home and abroad with Internet service providers and domestic authorities largely condemning any legislation that would place limits on online freedoms. Many feel that it could lead to wider censorship and unfairly limit an individual's right to use the Internet.

The State-owned Svenska Spel monopoly is the world’s twelfth largest online poker room and it is not currently illegal to visit or place bets using a foreign site.

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