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Advertising accelerates branding in Brazil's betting market

Between 2018 and 2020, investments in the country went from BRL$ 2 billion (USD $ 382.62 million) to BRL$ 7 billion (almost USD$ 1,340 million), of which 70% was allocated to soccer bets.
Brazil | 07/29/2021
The sports betting vertical has been gaining strength in Brazil for at least six years. Between 2018 and 2020, investments in the country went from BRL 2 billion (USD 382.62 million) to BRL 7 billion (almost USD 1,340 million), of which 70% is dedicated to soccer.

According to Propmark, a Brazil's specialized website, the expectation is that virtual betting agencies double their income this year in the country. Last year, they availed a budget of BRL$ 42,659 million (USD 8,161 million) for advertising actions. The expectation for 2021 is that the volume will rise to BRL$ 139,519 million (USD 26,691 million).

The main operators are Sportingbet,, NetBet, Betsul, Midnite, Betsson, Betboo, Bodog, Sportsbet and Txbet, among others. But the champion in traffic, with a monthly flow of 126.5 million, is Bet365, according to a SemRush survey from May 2021.

Between 2018 and 2020, investments in the country went from BRL$ 2 billion (USD 382.62 million) to BRL$ 7 billion (almost USD$ 1,340 million), of which 70% was allocated to soccer bets, according to a survey conducted by the WTAG agency, which serves the NetBet brand.

"With this campaign, we have taken NetBet to a brand new level, valuing the presence of our brand throughout Brazil, always with the participation of Zé Roberto, who is an example of dedication, growth, and victory, characteristics that reflect what NetBet is about," stated Marsio Schneider, NetBet's marketing director.

The expectation is that virtual bookmakers may double their income in the country this year. An analysis by Euro Monitor on the resources allocated to the media of these advertisers in the Brazilian market shows that in 2020 they made available a budget of BRL$ 42,659 million for advertising actions.

The expectation for this year is that the volume will rise to BRL$ 139,519 million (USD$ 27.46 million). Pay-TV accounts for 56% of investments, digital has a 32% share, and open public channels a 1.7% share. In the United States, according to Ad Age, the number of investments in the media is USD$ 35,000 million.

The SBT and Grupo Globo channels are sponsored by Sportinbet and in sports broadcasts such as Copa América, Libertadores, Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, and the Brazilian Championship, for example. It is a new method for advertising agencies. “We had some hype during the pandemic, like e-commerce and pharmaceuticals. The novelty is the bookmakers that provide agencies and media with unprecedented resources. We are expanding NetBet and the performance of the London-based brand is visible. We used the player Zé Roberto in the first campaign and the response was immediate,” said executive Lucas Feltes, CEO of WTAG.

Virtual houses are also present on the shirts of the main clubs in Serie A in Brasileirão, such as Flamengo, Atlético Mineiro, or São Paulo. Corinthians signed an agreement with Galera Bet for around BRL$ 40 million (USD $7.87 million), for a five-year contract. These advertisers also buy advertising presence in the stadiums of the main sports competitions.

The point is that the projection of these businesses extends beyond the Brazilian borders. Some agencies are proactive, but these advertisers engage in the marketplace and promote competition to define their marketing communications providers.

Today, these bookmakers that are not based in Brazil, are operating in the country pending legalization. The expectation is that the final approval of Law 13,756, which authorizes the opening of the betting market in Brazil, will make this vertical grow increasingly.

With the occasional help of advertising, global companies are building their brand in the country, without breaking the law, because the campaigns do not promote the core business of the brand.

But they achieve branding: knowledge and re-addressing to sites abroad, which receive bets and can only be used with an international credit card.

According to Marcelo Namura, vice president of media at the Bold agency, which serves Betsson, it is an expressive money volume that reaches the market through the bookmakers. “The great expectation is for the legal framework. Although the license hasn't been granted yet, the last three years were dedicated to the construction of the brands. Sponsorships generate resources, but bets still haven't. Now is the time to get the vendors involved. Some contracts are tied to performance, for example,” reports Namura, who began working with Betsson in January 2021. According to him, the agency is currently connected to the ground

“The moment is to raise awareness. Betsson has a license to operate horse racing in Rio Grande do Sul. Today we are a fantasy game similar to Cartola FC. Soccer, however, is outstanding. This year we launched Betsson FC, hosted by the Ibis club, but it is not a betting platform. In fact, this choice was an incredible experience. The so-called worst club in the world has an audience and a history. Helping the Ibis is positive and has value beyond the cash investment. The brand is also present in regional markets during the Copa América. Soccer is made up of 62% of Brazilians. It's a new niche,” adds Namura.

“Ibis may be the worst team in the world on the field, but when it comes to generating conversations, engaging and producing humorous content to talk to those who like soccer, they are champions,” explains Daniele Marques, partner, and CCO of Bold.

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