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July 25, 2021

It will stage a special event in Malaysia

Alfastreet skips G2E Asia this year

(Macau).- This year Alfastreet made a decision not to attend exhibition at which they cannot show their main product. They have been selling multi-game products since 2003, however, “as organizers cannot guarantee protection from prosecution at the exhibition, they immediately decided not to exhibit at G2E Macau in 2013,” said the firm.


y doing so, “the firm showed the gaming community their principles, and their integrity, so despite any possible loss of revenue, they chose to be the ones that are not going to be extorted in such way.”

''We began exhibiting multi-game products back in 2003, showing the connection of two wheels to one terminal. At the time, no one had designed a product with this capability. Alfastreet was the first, but to create patents in every single market around the world is unfeasible. It doesn't make sense, and besides, products change and you have to keep applying new patents to an ever-increasing range. It's impractical and expensive to follow such a path. What's clear too is that the above mentioned patent would not hold water in any market other than China. You cannot patent a concept; it has to be an original invention. It's like someone patenting roulette. It's nonsense and we are really disappointed that no one can do anything about it, '' said Albert Radman from Alfastreet.

Still, Alfastreet said that it will not disregard their friends, their partners and their customers. Alfastreet still remains one of the leading ETG brands in Asia with dominating positions in many Asian casinos and clubs. Therefore, they will be staging a special event area in the Genting Highlands Club in Malaysia.

This event will serve as a replacement of the G2E Asia presentation, and perhaps even an upgrade. All invited will be tempered with 2 day activities from golfing to other types of relaxation, all to be concluded at a final night with fine dining and live music entertainment.

Besides all the happenings around the exhibition, Alfastreet is very busy with developing new games and features, upgrading the hardware and system. New games like Wheel of Fortune, Double Treasure, Dragon vs. Tiger, One Reel Slot, Gold Rush, will just add more value to their existing, multi game palette, being led by all-time favorite: Roulette. 

''We are promoting the new Wheel of Fortune everywhere, though we see this as a product ideally suited for the US, whereas our Lucky Number Wheels is very popular in the Asian market, which in addition to a range of new games and features, includes different card games and value-added multi-game functionality. And we are achieving these additional benefits at very little extra cost to the operator. We think this is the key message for the Asian market,'' said Albert Radman.

“Besides Asian success, Alfastreet is doing more than well in other regions of the world, namely US, South America, Africa, and of course Europe. Gaming market I slowly picking up and for the reliable company with advanced products, great stability and longtime history, there will always be more orders and more opportunities,” he added.

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