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September 25, 2021

Peter J Caveny, Galaxy Entertainment Group's VP Investor Relations

“StarWorld is one of the best performing casinos in the world and it is a VIP centric casino”

(Macau, Exclusive interviewed Peter J Caveny, VP of Investor Relations of Galaxi Gaming Group, a leading gaming, leisure and entertainment firm in Asia. Via its subsidiary, Galaxy Casino, the Group holds one of six Macau gaming concessions authorized to carry out casino games of chance in Macau. He commented the main gambling attractions and the objectives of the group, as well as the projects for the soon-to-open Galaxy Macau, among other issues.


alaxy Casino was granted a gaming concession from the Macau Government. In October 2006, GEG opened its first flagship property, StarWorld Hotel and Casino, in Macau’s main gaming and entertainment hub on the Macau Peninsula. Besides, the soon-to-open (2011) Galaxy Macau in Cotai adestination resort that brings leisure, entertainment and gaming under one roof.

Which are the main casino attractions?
Our flagship property is StarWorld Casino, which is located in the “hub” of the Macau which is the world largest gaming market. StarWorld opened in October 2006 with a total investment of us$ 400 million. It is one of the best performing casinos in the world and it is a VIP centric casino.

Who are your principal suppliers?
Our principal “goods” suppliers are mainland Chinese companies and our principal partners are strategic VIP Junkets. Within StarWorld we partner with approximately 15 key VIP Junkets, with whom we have very successful and long standing business arrangements.

What does poker represent for you? Do you organize tournaments?
Approximately 85% - 90% of all gaming in Macau is Baccarat, 10% other table games and 5% slot machines. Whilst we host a number of Poker tournaments, the main revenue driver is Baccarat.

Where do your main players/customers come from?
Approximately 50% of all visitors to Macau are from mainland China, 30% from Hong Kong, 5% from Taiwan. However as transportation links and infrastructure improve, we are seeing growth in visitors from North Asia and all of South East Asia.

Which is Macau’s potential? What is its position among others gaming markets?
Macau’s potential is very significant, last year due to infrastructure constraints there were only 11 visitations from mainland China, from a population of  1.3 billion people. The Central Government of China, the Provincial Governments and the Macau Government are presently investing substantial amounts into major infrastructure works which will facilitate easier access to Macau and allow increased tourist visitations.

Which are Galaxy Entertainment Group’s objectives and plans for the coming months?
In 2010 Galaxy has two major objectives. To continue to drive profitable business volumes at StarWorld and to complete the development of Galaxy Macau so that we are ready to open Galaxy Macau in early 2011.

Which are your projects for Galaxy Macau?
Galaxy Macau is a 550,000 sqm Asian Centric destination resort. It comprises three luxury Asian hotels with a total of 2,200 rooms, suites and floating villas, 50 food and beverage facilities, 5 auspiciously themed casinos with a capacity for over 600 tables and 1,500 electronic gaming machines, 10 bars and nightclubs and a 52,000 sqm resort deck which is located 30 meters in the sky above the casino podium.  The resort deck has a range of pools including the world largest sky wave pool complete with 1.5 meter waves, 350 tonnes of white sand, a range of oasis gardens and extensive alfresco dining.

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