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September 27, 2021

Chairman of Alsart Group, Lubov Loginova

“Adoption of amendments on the “On lotteries” law is a real chance for the development of legal lottery business”

(Russia).- President of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev approved the Federal law “On inclusion of amendments into Federal law “On lotteries”. Lubov Loginova, Chairman of Alsart Group, talked about the new document, which contains a number of amendments that are aimed to clamp down the illegal organization of gambling under the pretence of promotional lotteries.


t is stated in the document that organizers will have to provide the certificate for lack/presence of tax debts given by tax authorities that will secure efficiency of consideration of an application by authorities about raffles and decide about notices’ registration or raffles’ holding ban.

The document regulates the mechanism of governmental raffles’ holding. Russian government can define the period for Russian governmental lottery’s holding. At that the demand about protection of lottery tickets of the lottery in on-line mode is ruled out. Requirements to lottery equipment became more rigorous. All equipment has to have confirmation of concordance with the established technical order. It is necessary to provide the fortuity of wins distribution while drawing of lottery.

Besides this lottery equipment is not allowed to contain hidden abilities, information data base, units or other mechanisms inaccessible for expertise. Also it cannot use procedures with algorithms allowing define the results of prize pool drawing before drawing.

There are also new requirements to the draw of prize pool – the super prize should be drawn no less them one time per year. Organizers of the non-governmental lottery, operators of governmental and municipal lotteries have to publish in mass media or in the Internet annually reports on lottery holding as well as the results of the audit examination.

Document also specifies conditions, normative rules of lotteries as well as period of lottery examination for accordance to the current legislation (no more than one time per three years). As it has already been mentioned after prohibition of gambling in Russia, small players which were particularly eager to preserve them at the market had tried present their gambling halls as promotional lottery halls.

Nevertheless the mechanics of these lotteries conduction has much in common with gambling. Lottery tickets were the same as tokens that is the direct violation of the law that bans gambling in Russia dated to July 1, 2009.

Chairman of Board of directors of ALSART group Lubov Loginova notes that “law stiffening aims to control the activity of dishonest companies and protects clients”.  She thinks that the new edition of the law will give opportunities for the development of legal lottery products which have had no any chance because of the spread of illegal companies trying to position themselves as promotional lotteries. At the same time she doesn’t deny that illegal gambling seems to move forwards on-line casinos or to amusement machines without money prize.

Loginova accentuates that during the several months from the moment gambling ban at the territory of Russian Federation, “black gaming” has tried to position itself as entertaining machines, “pachinko” machines and different payment systems of Internet-casino or poker.

“If Russian authorities insist in complying with the law, devoted to four gambling zones, it is necessary to fight against different types of illegal gambling. It is necessary to sign new amendments in corresponding laws not to let illegal entrepreneurs use backlog in Russian legislation”, she concluded.

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