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September 19, 2021

Interview to Marzia Turinni, new representative for BetStone in the region

"BetStone will continue with its expansion approach in new Latin American markets"

(UK).- The new representative of BetStone for Latin America, Marzia Turinni, talked in exclusive to about her new position, the position of the company in the region and its short-term plans.


hat is your experience in the sector?
I have had over 6 years experience in the Gaming Industry and have rolled out several projects globally with a special emphasis on Latin America.  I have also acquired significant experience and know-how in Server Based Gaming over the last few years.
My experience in the Latin American gaming industry has taught me that each market is different and that the key to success for a global company such as BetStone is therefore the ability of the supplier to adapt to each market’s particular requirements.  For this reason I have never considered Latin America as a single region but as a set of distinct countries which require localized product, service and strategies and most importantly a lot of flexibility on part of the supplier.

How is the firm currently positioned in the region?
BetStone has consolidated a number of important partnerships with Latin American customers, suppliers and distributors by offering them superior quality in both product and service. BetStone is able to offer a significant library of high quality games and is currently adding to this library of games at a rate of 20 every quarter.

BetStone brings deep experience in content development to the Latin American market and focuses on ensuing that exciting to the player and constantly filled with new features – this allow BetStone to meet the needs of the different South American markets over and above international markets in general. The BetStone business development and game design teams fully understand the differences and peculiarities which characterize the different markets it enters and its senior executives place a lot of value in BetStone’s ability to create and deliver regionally relevant content.  Over and above this, BetStone always keeps in mind the requirements of the operator and therefore ensures that their server based gaming platform not only provides access to the high quality content, but also has a powerful set of control and reporting tools to help its Operators maximize revenue.

BetStone has demonstrated the value of Server Based Gaming technology combined with premium content to its customers and has shown that this combination gives everybody from the player to the operator what they really want and need – all this with considerable costs savings.  As an example, BetStone recently released Lara Croft Tomb Raider globally which had immediate impact and was well received by the players.
Which are the advantages of Betstone to continue growing in the Latin American region?
BetStone will continue with its focus of expanding further into Latin American markets. Much work was done in this region over the past few years and this is expected to produce significant results for BetStone’s customers.  The advantages to the Operators is more content and more functionality delivered seamlessly allowing their operations to remain competitive and continued investment in service and support.

Which will be the main novelties for Betstone during this year for Latin America?
If I were to mention one of the numerous strengths of BetStone I would first start with “Innovation” together with “Quality”. BetStone will be investing substantially in Product Development in order to release more and more attractive products for our customers and partners globally but always with a guarantee of excellence.  As the year progresses, I will continue to be in touch with you to explain exactly what innovations we are making available.  Of course, the benefit of our Server Based Gaming platform means that this innovation is made immediately available to all existing customers and not only to future customers as we can dynamically roll out updates as they are made available.

Which will be your short-term goals?
BetStone’s short term goal is to continue to expand its already impressive content library from 80 to 150 games, adding functionality and features to ensure that its existing customers continue to maximize revenues from their machines and that new customers continue to obtain the best-of-breed in server based gaming.

Will BetStone have an office in Latin America?
We believe it is critical to provide local representation in order to ensure that our customers get the best service possible and therefore it is very likely that we will have staff on the ground in Latin America in the near future.  My recent appointment is an example of BetStone’s commitment to Latin America as a primary market.  It is important to note that Latin America is considered a primary market by BetStone and in many instances content is launched in Spanish before it is even translated to other languages.

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