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October 27, 2021

comScore reported 16.1 million unique visits to online gambling sites in November

Visits to online gambling sites rise in US

(US).- Online gambling sites in US saw an 11% rise in the number of unique visitors last month according to figures released this week by marketing research company comScore Incorporated.


ccording to its Media Metrix measurement service, comScore reported 16.1 million unique visits to online gambling sites in November, an increase of just over 1.5 million from October’s tally.

Reflecting the current economic climate, the biggest escalation reported by the suburban Washington, DC, firm came for online coupon sites, which saw a 32 % rise to 35.6 million unique visits. As the holiday season began, retail sites including toys, consumer electronics and department stores held second spot with a 25 % increase to 19.2 million unique visits.

Sites owned by Google remained the most popular online properties by visitor numbers in November with 147 million visitors followed by Yahoo! domains with nearly 144 million visitors. In third place was Microsoft with 123.5 million visitors while AOL held down fourth with 110 million.

The Media Metrix service provides details of online media usage, visitor demographics and buying power for the home, work and university audiences across the United States and the globe with syndicated ratings based on industry-sanctioned sampling methodologies.

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