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August 03, 2021

It can now offer five major products from Elixir

Suzo predicts strong expansion for 2008

(UK).- With the possibility of offering world class solutions for both the slots and tables sections, and acting as global distributor for Elixir Gaming, casino group Suzo International predicts strong expansion this year.


asino group Suzo was formed in 2007 under the management of Erik Wijma. “We have been seen the benefit of securing component sales with the end user. This has been especially appreciated by companies that we distribute for on a global scale, such as FutureLogic. Now we have expanded this service,” said Wijma.

Suzo International can now offer five major products from Elixir, namely the Deck Checker, RandomPlus Shuffler, ShufflePro and the ChipWasher and Dolphin Chips.

The Deck Checker is an automated playing card scanning machine that specifically checks playing cards to ensure an accurate count and verify that all of the cards are present. This innovative product confirms the integrity of each card and will reject any non-conforming cards. It can be specifically programmed to read up to six different face designs. The Deck Checker checks for additional, missing or damaged cards and can run a check by suit and value. No additional staff is required, and in fact it saves staff time since it speeds up the start and the end of day procedures.

The Deck Checker is a card security device that has an integrated management system and an on board storage / vault system. The integrated management system gives a report for every transaction providing a complete audit trail. Best of all, the Deck Checker requires limited training time as the machine prompts the user throughout the entire checking process.

The Random Ejection Shuffler by Elixir Gaming is by far the most versatile shuffler manufactured today. Casino operators can use it for any table game that utilizes from one to eight decks of playing cards. It can provide a batch system shuffle with 2 separate groups of cards, allow a continuous shuffle option and accommodate dealing from a traditional shoe.

Besides, the ShufflePro shuffler increases security and productivity on a casino floor. It can be used in the poker pit on your poker tables, or in the main table games pit on games using one or two decks. It is simple to install, and dealers will find it very easy to use.

Surveillance and identification becomes increasingly difficult. And your customers' gaming experience is considerably lessened. Regular chip washing prevents all of this, but hand-washing is time-consuming and costly. This is exactly why the ChipWasher was created- the practical and efficient means towards cleaner casino chips.

From traditional gaming chips to wheelcracks to RFID, Dolphic Gaming Chips are the most advanced in the gaming industry. There is an extensive range on colours and chip variations on offer. The high-frequency RFID gaming chips offer greater processing speeds and data storage capabilities. Special UV pigments ensure latest security.

A further highlight for Suzo International at the ICE will be the introduction of the new topper range. The Xenon and Xenon RGB toppers bring not only brightly lit LED's to give the toppers a more attractive appeal. The Suzo Synchro feature allows up to eight toppers to be connected together, so that the toppers can be linked together. Previously the each topper worked individually on each slot machine - causing a whole multitude of topper formations. Linking the toppers together can underline a bank of slots and makes the slots more appealing to the eye.

The Upright topper brings in a new dimension to the topper range. The artwork can be engraved any transparent material (such as acrylic) and be cut to customer requirements. In other words, the Upright topper offers a whole world of topper possibilities to customers.

Finally, customers are invited to test the interactive Jupiter Bay monitor on the Suzo-Happ ICE stand to see the installed slotfinder. Jupiter Bay is a manufacturer of interactive digital signage. Marcel Oelen, Managing Director of Suzo International concludes: “We are very looking forward to the ICE and ATEI. With the new products for our casino range, we proudly state that we offer world class casino solutions”.

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