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June 24, 2021

A strategy to boost the games of chance market

Electronic lottery grew 25% in Mexico

(Mexico).- Three of 100 people play to the electronic lottery in Mexico, and in the last year sales have increased a 25%. That's why Pronósticos para la Asistencia Pública will apply a reengineering process in several products, with the aim to bring its customers more possibilities to win, according to its director, Adolfo Blanco Tatto. The director gathered in Merida with 450 agents from the South-East region to establish a closer relationship with them.


he director gathered in Merida with 450 agents from the South-East region in order to establish a closer relationship with them.

Sports lotteries like Protouch, adressed to fans of American football, and Progol, football soccer, represent a strong market, followed by Melate, Revancha and Chispazo, with numbers that have to do with birthdays, anniversaries, number of sons, as well as scratch games.

In Yucatán and the rest of the South East, Tris is the leading product, it means, a 60 % of the sales of Pronósticos for Public Assistance come from its fans, and in the resto f the country, it just reaches the 19%.

With regards to Melate and Revancha, Blanco Tatto said that these electronic lotteries are played by 58% of the customers in the country, while in the entity, justo 34% plays with it.

Now Tris will have five numbers instead of four, it means that with us$ 0.09 one can win up to us$ 4,500. Melate and Revancha will start 40 million and Progol already has Revancha. Finally, Blanco Tatto said that people still supports Pronósticos for Public Assistance.

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