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August 03, 2021

Jens Peiler, General Manager of Suzo Americas

"Suzo will have a 2008 full of new businesses"

(US, exclusive Moments before the conclusion of the seventh G2E, Jens Peiler, General Manager of Suzo, talked in exclusive to about its expansion plans for the following year. “The majority of the South American markets are growing year after year, so we will be after all the markets”, commented.


hat was the result of Global Gaming Expo for your company?

We came here to find South American customers that work with us and receive them in Las Vegas event in person; but also to close businesses with other international firms, because all the companies are here and are starting to program new businesses which we will see next year.

What is the expectations for the following year, considering the novelties for Suzo this year?

In 2008 we are going to release several new projects. We are strongly expanding the quantity of personnel which is working with us and we are changing the structure of the company. It means, we are preparing for a 2008 with many new businesses.

On what products will you work to expand the customer base of the company?

We will work strongly on the signage, because the factory is already working. So we are receiving purchase orders, starting with the production and delivering signage products.

We are working in assemblies, in solutions for all the international customers who work with us and need local manteinance service and all the logistic support to move in Argentina as well as other countries.

Where dou you expect to have more penetration?

We will keep a strong position in Argentina and next year we will dedicate our efforts to the Colombian market, as well as Peru and Chile. I believe these markets have a very strong potential for 2008, without forgetting all the others, of course. The big majority of the South American markets are growing year after year, so we will look after all these markets.

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