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September 26, 2021

The "All About the Win" campaign has also been kicked off

AC Coin & Slot released its new MEGA Bonus

(US).- AC Coin & Slot announced a new branding initiative for its proprietary slot machine division. MEGA Bonus is the umbrella brand under which all AC Coin and Slot games will operate.


s part of the new branding, the company also launched a proprietary ad campaign focused on the results-based performance of its games.

The "All About the Win" campaign has kicked off to highlight AC Coin & Slot’s commitment to ensuring that both casino operators and slot players receive the utmost return for their investment.

MEGA Bonus branding for slot machines is inspired by the company’s consistent success launching new games that are unique in design and entertainment value for players. Two of AC Coin’s most successful bonusing games, Slotto and Bankroll, exemplify the attributes of the MEGA Bonus brand and set the benchmark for future offerings.

As with these industry- leading games, all MEGA Bonus games are based upon a philosophy of simplicity with intuitive interfaces that attract both casual and experienced gamers. Each MEGA Bonus game increases player engagement with frequent spontaneous bonusing events that vary the gaming experience amongst plays and by displaying possible upcoming wins to keep players informed and excited.

MEGA Bonus brand games make a statement on the casino floor with fresh themes and bold designs that draw eyes from all around. Two new additions to AC Coin & Slot’s library will be the highly-anticipated Super Slotto Celebration, which will debut in June, and Super Bankroll Bonus, which installs later this year. These multi-player, community-style games take the breakthrough Slotto and Bankroll bonus features to a whole new level and create a shared gaming experience amongst players.

"The MEGA Bonus brand unifies the several different styles of bonusing games that we offer to the market," states Jerry Seelig, AC Coin & Slot Executive Vice President and General Manager. "Over the past year, AC Coin has launched 15 different styles of games that appeal to varying types of casinos and casino players. We’ve merchandised these in 280 casinos throughout North America to bring value to our customers-and in turn, to slot players-through superior entertainment."

In total, 14 new bonusing slots will be introduced this year under this brand, all promising increased player interaction, hit theme music and the best math models on the market. A new line of AC Coin bases, chairs and signage is also included under the MEGA Bonus umbrella brand, offering alluring design and ergonomic comfort to casino slot players.

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