Kevin Kilminster, Chief Product Innovation Officer, Playtech Live

"Playtech is constantly exploring ways to integrate live gaming into other verticals, such as sports betting and VR"

Kevin Kilminster, Head of Live Casino Innovation
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In October, gambling technology provider Playtech signed a deal with North American gaming giant FanDuel to launch Live Casino content on the company's Canadian platform. The deal, which extends the provision of the Live Casino studio to other provinces across Canada, marked the first collaboration between Playtech and FanDuel.

In an exclusive interview with Yogonet, Kevin Kilminster, Chief Product Innovation Officer, Playtech Live, shared insights into what led the company to partner with FanDuel, as well as its strategy to meet the specific needs of the Canadian market. 

What are the key highlights of this collaboration and what led Playtech to partner with FanDuel?

Playtech has maintained a robust, long-standing partnership with the Flutter group, offering a wide range of cutting-edge games through our strong network. We have also developed custom dedicated studios and solutions for the group, tailoring games and features to support their unique brand strategies. We are thrilled to be able to continue this level of partnership-led focus now expanding to FanDuel and their player base, and together utilizing the full array of Playtech Live suite of innovative games, tools, functionalities, and bonus capabilities.

As part of the deal, Playtech has built a dedicated Live Casino studio to serve FanDuel Canada. Could you share some insights into how it is designed to meet the specific needs of the Canadian market and FanDuel's audience? What games will it offer?

We prioritize delivering exceptional experiences and product choices in every dedicated solution we provide, and this was no exception when working together with FanDuel to create their new dedicated environment.

As part of the deal, Playtech built a dedicated Live Casino studio to serve FanDuel Canada. Based in Riga, Latvia, the studio provides high-quality casino games, offering Roulette, All Bets Blackjack, Baccarat, and 7-seater Blackjack to their customers.

Through strong collaboration across both marketing and design teams, we have ensured that when players join this area they get the best possible experience in entertainment, making sure to reflect the FanDuel brand and message to the highest levels. By fostering strong collaboration between our marketing and design teams, we have ensured that players accessing this area enjoy the highest level of entertainment and reflect the essence of the FanDuel brand and message.

Through understanding the needs of FanDuel's players, we have curated a diverse selection of games, including Roulette, various scalable and non-scalable blackjack tables, and Baccarat, providing ample options for their enjoyment.

The deal includes other provinces across Canada, if and when they regulate. How does this fit into the company's broader expansion plans for Canada and the region? Can you elaborate on Playtech's strategy for North American expansion?

At Playtech, we have consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to expanding into new markets and delivering innovative content that caters to the needs of our customers. As evidenced by our recent success in North America, we not only strive to enter new markets with our superior content and product offerings but also to introduce groundbreaking and customer-centric innovations.

Our recent launch of Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live in North America perfectly embodies this strategic direction. This exceptional product has been specifically designed to captivate and engage our customers, providing them with an unparalleled gambling experience. As a result of its exceptional quality and innovative features, Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live has been recognized and awarded the prestigious title of Product of the Year in the American Gambling Awards.

This accolade not only serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence but also reinforces our position as a market leader in the gaming industry. We will continue to leverage our content and product capability to enter new markets and deliver innovative experiences that place our customers at the forefront of everything we do.

The deal with FanDuel marks the first collaboration between the two companies and follows recent studios built for Adventures Beyond Wonderland and Big Bad Wolf. Can you shed some light on the company's approach to entering newly regulated markets and expanding its global offerings?

At Playtech, our primary focus is on regulated markets, and this remains a key priority for us. This is especially evident in our approach to Playtech Live Casino, where we strive to provide personalized attention to our partners at a localized level. We highly value our partnerships and work closely with them to understand their needs and how we can better support them in regulated markets.

This collaboration with our partners allows us to gain valuable insights, which we incorporate into our wider strategic plans. It is crucial for us to not only deliver content that is suitable for these markets but also to develop games specifically tailored for certain regions.

Our partners recognize and appreciate this approach, which is why Playtech continues to lead in regulated markets. We are committed to adapting and evolving our offerings to meet the unique requirements of each jurisdiction, ensuring regulatory compliance, and giving our partners a competitive edge in these markets.

How important is the Live Casino segment to the company's overall strategy? What role do you see this vertical playing in the current online gaming landscape?

Playtech recognizes the significance of the Live Casino segment and has made it an integral part of its overall strategy. We understand the increasing demand for immersive and interactive gaming experiences and are continuously investing in innovation to enhance the live gaming experience.

One area where Playtech is innovating is in the integration of live video and video technology. We are leveraging advancements in technology to create more realistic and immersive gaming environments, allowing players to feel as if they are in a physical casino. This elevated experience not only attracts existing online players but also appeals to traditional brick-and-mortar casino-goers, expanding their potential customer base.

Playtech understands the importance of diversifying its live gaming vertical to cater to a wider audience. We are constantly exploring ways to integrate live gaming into other verticals, such as sports betting and virtual reality, to create a more holistic and engaging experience for players, constantly staying ahead of the competition and adapting to evolving consumer preferences. We have collaborated with well-known brands such as Sony and Fremantle to name a few and created branded Live Dealer games, incorporating popular characters and themes into the gaming experience.

These branded partnerships not only enhance the gaming content but also attract a wider audience, including fans of the brands involved. By leveraging the popularity and recognition of these global brands, Playtech is able to engage players and create unique and memorable gaming experiences for them.

Overall, the Live Casino segment plays a vital role in Playtech's overall strategy. It not only drives revenue but also serves as a platform for continuous innovation and expansion. By investing in cutting-edge technology and exploring new avenues, Playtech aims to solidify its position in the online gaming landscape and provide players with unique and memorable gaming experiences.

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