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iGaming in Asia: Maximize profits with the right sportsbook features

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In its latest analytical article, sports betting and iGaming platform supplier Uplatform shares insights on the Asian online gaming market and tips for sportsbooks to effectively cater to the local audience. 

Asia is a promising region for the iGaming industry because of its large population and strong economic prospects. iGaming in Asia generated an estimated $72.2 billion in revenue in 2019, with affluent countries and regions like Macau, the Philippines, and India among the most fervent bettors. However, the region comprises countries with diverse economies and cultures, and each country needs a unique strategy to deal with the various cultures and economies. This explains why operators need a sportsbook tailored to meet every nation's needs.

To effectively cater to the diversified nature of the Asian market, sportsbooks for Asia require a few essential features. Here are some of the features:


To succeed in Asia, you must consider each country's social values and legislative concerns. Knowing your players and offering them tailored content based on their country is a great way to spark their interest. Various factors are considered during localization, such as preferred content providers, sports, leagues, languages, views, and odds formats. So, having a sportsbook tailored to your players' unique preferences would be best, with over 200 sports to choose from, including basketball, UFC, badminton, Muay Thai, and football; Uplatform's Sportsbook is one such sportsbook. The sportsbook is tailored to the Asian-Pacific market. This sportsbook offers not only Asian championships and amateur leagues such as the Philippine Collegiate Champions League but also 1.5 million pre-match and live events worldwide. Different handicaps, including the Asian and odds formats that are preferable in Asia regions like Hong Kong, Indonesian, and Malay, and an Asian website view, are also available. Also, as there are substantial linguistic differences between countries and regions in Asia, language is another important factor in successful localization. Uplatform's sportsbook is available in over 65 languages, including Bengali, Chinese, Hindi, Hong Kong Cantonese, Bahasa Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai, all in an effort to make localization for their clients in Asia effortless and help them to reach all the bettors in the region.

Multi-device Solutions

While the Asian market still shows a preference for traditional desktop computers based on statistical data, a new trend has emerged whereby smartphones are increasingly being used as betting devices. This shift can be attributed to the widespread adoption of digital mobile platforms and increased smartphone and Internet accessibility. These developments have been vital to the industry's success, especially as more young people are interested in digital and on-demand entertainment. Uplatform has responded to this trend by providing iOS, Android, and Windows apps, as well as light web versions. They have also developed Telegram and SMS betting packages for players in areas with limited or complex infrastructure.

Streamlining User Navigation

A user-friendly website is essential for retaining and engaging visitors for longer periods. Users will be able to easily find the information they need if your site is comprehensive and easily navigable. This is particularly important for betting websites in Asia, where a user-friendly design and intuitive interface can help Asian players focus on the task at hand rather than getting lost in navigation. A user-friendly design targeted at the Asian market can make the betting experience effortless, from one-click registration to perfectly timed pop-up notifications. After all, every design aims to provide the best user experience possible.

Maximized Prediction Accuracy

Serious bettors rely heavily on statistics and venue information to make well-informed decisions. Therefore, detailed pre-match and in-game analysis and the outcomes of previous meetings between teams are crucial factors to consider when making predictions. To aid in this process, the Uplatform sportsbook provides extensive statistics and venue information, including the venue's capacity, construction date, location, photographs, and even the local weather forecast. The sportsbook enables bettors to make more accurate predictions for upcoming games by incorporating such comprehensive data.

Flexible Payment Methods

To bet, players require an easily accessible payment method, and each player has a preferred payment option based on their region. Therefore, owners of iGaming businesses in Asia must provide their players with access to a wide range of payment options. Among Asian players, e-wallets are the most common payment option, followed by credit/debit cards and wire transfers. In addition to the most extensive payment system in Asia, 2C2P, which lets users make transactions without credit cards, and a wide variety of other payment methods are all part of our portfolio. Uplatform is committed to providing payment methods that are not only convenient and suitable for the Asian market but also meet the specific requirements of its clients. With over 300+ payment methods available, they ensure clients have the flexibility and ease of transacting using options tailored to their needs. Payment alternatives in the area may include wire transfers, QR payments, electronic wallets, mobile payments, and others.

Integration of Esports

Asian markets generate more than half of Esports betting income, and operators are exploring ways to enable bettors to access and bet on their preferred competitions more easily. The majority (78%) of Esports bettors in the region are young folks (18-25), who constitute the future of the iGaming industry. While 64% of bettors bet exclusively on Esports, 24% of Esports bettors also occasionally bet on traditional sports.

Uplatform is well aware of this betting trend and provides everything necessary for the success of your business. They offer both popular Asian region games and irregular ones, such as

  • A comprehensive library of popular wagers on games like Call of Duty, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, Warcraft III, League of Legends, PUBG, and Rocket League.

  • Are you familiar with Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, or Sonic? They offer bets on all of these games! 

  • Cyber sports like football, hockey, cricket, and golf, as well as exclusive bets on events like the Rocket League Oceania & AORUS South Asia Cup and the performance of individual players.

  • Our comprehensive Esports betting platform includes 24/7 live betting on 60+ games, with a dedicated live zone that caters to the unique needs of Esports lovers. 

  • Our multi-live feature enables players to easily monitor multiple events in real time within a single window, enhancing their betting experience.

It's no secret that gambling is an integral part of the culture in many Asian countries, and as a result, Asia is home to several flourishing iGaming companies. The iGaming industry in Asia is very lucrative, but operators need to ensure their sportsbook is optimized and localized for the market there. If you are looking to explore the iGaming opportunities in Asia, look no further; Uplatform’s award-winning sportsbook has all of the essential features needed to excel in any region of Asia or beyond.

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