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Andrew Cardno: "QCI is experiencing tremendous demand for its core products"

Andrew Cardno, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at QCI.
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In October, G2E Las Vegas returned to its former pre-pandemic glory, gathering leading brands and notable names in the gaming industry for a few days of intense networking and action at the show floor. Among the companies that participated in the event is casino platform provider Quick Custom Intelligence.

In an exclusive interview with Yogonet, Andrew Cardno, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at QCI, reflects on the main takeaways from the event and discusses the post-pandemic gaming landscape. Moreover, Cardno explains what sets QCI's proposal apart, and how the company leverages latest technology within its product.

What is your assessment of Quick Custom Intelligence’s showcase at G2E this year? What are your main takeaways from this edition, in which we saw a return to pre-pandemic attendance?

Our key takeaway is that the industry is facing tremendous pressure from volatility and growth that are both difficult to predict. Attendees were highly focused on seeking out new technology that will help them operate more efficiently and handle this increased pressure.

In addition, we saw gaming resorts switching to a true resort-centric experience with additional revenue streams becoming a key part of their overall business plans. QCI is experiencing tremendous demand for the QCI core products (QCI Host, QCI Slots & QCI Marketing) and the feedback we continue to hear is that they are on target to address some of the key challenges in the industry.

What was the reception to the products showcased like? What were visitors at the booth most interested in learning about?

The primary feedback we received is that almost all operators are moving towards providing enhanced tooling to their teams. We could see this in the large number of hands-on demos we gave and the in-depth, thoughtful questions that we were asked.  In fact, many of our demos ran over the allotted time by a half-hour or more, as prospective customers became so engaged and interested in our solutions. 

Visitors were most interested in hearing the stories about how we developed our product and our product roadmap to meet operators’ needs in the post-COVID world. These stories come from QCI’s track record of continuing to install a new resort every week for the last year, and how these resorts vary in size, business style and location.

We were especially pleased to see visitors show genuine interest in the books the QCI founders (Andrew Cardno and Dr. Ralph Thomas) authored and published, that in many ways have created the vision of the company.

The QCI Platform aligns player development, marketing and gaming, in order to enable fully coordinated activities across operations. What sets the platform apart from other solutions, and what new technologies does it leverage?

The QCI Platform is built from the ground up on a modern technology stack. This advanced technology brings into practice data management principles that allow robust tooling to operate in a reliable way. Our focus is on showing our technology in a way that is very close to a real-world application and ensuring that our training allows us to be successful in delivery.

Mostly, we compete with in-house solutions or companies providing custom integrations. These custom solutions are difficult to support and are risky to undertake, due to the fact that they lack the ability to deliver value on a manageable product roadmap. This makes our products superior to these solutions.

We are seeing gaming return to pre-pandemic figures, but at the same time, inflation and supply chain disruptions pose a threat to this rebound. Has demand remained stable for QCI? Do you see casinos willing to invest in new technology at the moment? 

Yes, absolutely. Resorts continue to invest heavily in new technology. In fact, the consistent story is that in this post-COVID, resource-constrained world, tooling helps with building and managing the resort’s teams.

We expect to see continued demand, including expansion into new markets, and diversification of the product line around new and different revenue streams. This will continue in 2023 and beyond as casinos continue to seek out technology that will help them operate more efficiently.  

Rodrigo Capeans
by Rodrigo Capeans
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