Sales exec. Martin Makovini

Alfastreet at G2E: “Novelties were well accepted and we have achieved interesting numbers of orders for the US and LatAm"

Alfastreet Sales Executive, Martin Makovini.
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As G2E returned this year for a new edition that gathered leading brands and notable names in the gaming industry, having been part of the event, Alfastreet decided to share its experience in this post-pandemic, full-capacity showcase that took place last month. 

The company’s Sales Executive, Martin Makovini, told Yogonet in an exclusive interview that Alfastreet is satisfied with the outcome of the 2022 exhibition. However, he did point out that attendance was “still a bit off” pre-pandemic levels, especially when it comes to EU countries, whose presence was “significantly lower than before.”

Nonetheless, that did not stand in the way of the company when it comes to the networking experience the G2E showcase offers. “Novelties were well accepted and we have achieved very interesting numbers of orders for the US and LatAm market," Makovini noted.

The executive also stated that, despite the fact that nowadays shows require a higher investment for roughly the same results, Alfastreet is “still pleased with the outcome.”

The brand showcased many new products, including its Virgo terminal as one of its main attractions. “It has received very positive reviews,” the Sales Executive noted. “It’s a confirmation of the company’s future vision and direction.”

Another significant novelty was the alternative Lucky Up option for Roulette, which was “designed to spice up the experience and attract new players, specifically targeted to younger consumers.” 

“Of course, there was a general overhaul of the software platform, wall displays and user interface that has been long awaited from our partners,” the executive commented, and anticipated the company’s offering for ICE London show in 2023 will provide attendees the chance to experience “a completely new product lineup and software solution that will push the brand even further.”

Despite the fact that Alfastreet is getting ready for the London-based expo, Makovini does not foresee trends in the gaming world changing all that much in 2023. “We don’t see a major difference in the upcoming periods. Operators are focused on recovering the lost revenue from the last two years, where they were severely limited or completely closed,” he said. 

However, he did point out that the trend that seems to be imminent is the complete integration of various game sources into state-of-the-art stadium setups, which will enable easy access to multiple options for a large number of players under the real casino umbrella. 

“Despite the rapid rise of online gaming propositions, real gaming enthusiasts are showing that there’s just no substitute for the touch, feel and service of the land-based gaming venues,” he added.

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