How mobile apps are changing iGaming

Maria Bashkevich is Head of Marketing at Uplatform, a fast-growing and dynamic sports betting and casino operating platform. Having held Senior marketing positions at various gambling companies and working in different iGaming verticals, Maria has developed extensive experience and understanding of the industry. Her area of expertise is working in markets such as the CIS, LATAM, Europe, and Africa.

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As in most business verticals, the mobile share in iGaming has done nothing but grow over the past few years, driven by the massification of smartphones. In this new analytical article by Maria Bashkevich, Head of Marketing at Uplatform, she delves deep into the data that better reflects the mobile apps era in online gaming and sports betting across the world, and outlines key advantages for both the operators and the players.

In today's technologically advanced world, consumers have a checklist of characteristics they use to decide with whom to do business. The first item on the list is mobile accessibility. As the number of bettors heading online grows, the global iGaming industry is no exception when it comes to accessibility. With more and more bettors considering smartphone compatibility and accessibility in addition to the variety of content and payment choices, there has been a lot of progress made in iGaming. Bettors increasingly use mobile devices for online betting due to their active lifestyles. Thanks to convenient access to the internet and mobile gambling apps, around 55% of bettors use their mobile devices to bet online. Making mobile applications and mobile-friendly websites a must-have for betting operators.

Also, in many developing countries around the world, mobile betting is the only way to enjoy iGaming. The low cost of mobile phones and affordable internet access has made it the most popular method to participate in online betting. For example, in Kenya, 88% of players have used their mobile devices for placing bets or playing casino games.

Going by the Numbers

Data indicates that players are increasingly turning to mobile devices as a preferred betting experience. The following statistics prove that the industry is definitely on a roll and mobile betting apps are one of the primary reasons for the industry’s unprecedented growth.

Among young adults under 35, mobile phones remained the most popular method of accessing online betting in 2020, according to the Gambling Commission. 
Online betting is nearly equally popular among men and women, with 56% of men and 44% of women placing bets online.

The use of mobile devices by female bettors is more frequent than that of male bettors, which is interesting to note. Mobile devices are used by approximately 55% of women to place bets.

The trend is toward Apps

As more companies focus on offering their services to the mobile market, they are developing native apps. Betting companies no longer need only a mobile-friendly website. Most players now prefer mobile apps whether they want to bet on sports or play casino games. In an era where people's attention spans are shortening, mobile apps improve and maintain player interaction by reducing the chances of them being sidetracked. Dependable mobile apps with fast live streaming and mobile-optimized interfaces provide players with an enjoyable betting experience, consequently contributing to operators earning more profits.

As outlined in the opening of this article, mobile accessibility is a must these days.

Delivering an easy-to-use, intuitive, and enjoyable gambling experience 24 hours, 7 days a week is something that stands out as one of the advantages of mobile gambling apps. By using high-quality apps, players can place bets online fast and safely at anytime from anywhere without the need to visit land-based casinos or bet shops.

It is essential to provide players with all kinds of betting options. Despite this, mobile versions of betting websites remain practical and effective for many reasons, including broader reach, easier marketing, affordable traffic, easier maintenance, and accessibility across a wider range of devices. However, mobile apps remain a must-have. Here are the reasons why:

Advantages for the players

  • Accessibility

Sports betting apps provide players 24x7 access to a variety of bets. All they need is a reliable internet connection for a seamless betting experience. Smartphones enable players to access any betting website regardless of the time zone.

  • Less data-intensive

Apps use less data than websites since they only download the required content from remote servers when they need it, not unnecessarily consuming additional cellular data. So in the regions with expensive mobile data or unstable internet connection such as Africa, or some parts of Latin America, mobile apps are more preferable.

  • Maximization

Since apps store their user data on local storage devices, loading this data takes no more than a few seconds. On the other hand, websites usually store data on a web server. Data access speed is dependent on internet connectivity, with mobile apps offering an advantage in areas with poor or erratic internet connections.

  • Usability

iGaming websites are frequently inferior to apps in terms of interface. Fitting them into a small screen is challenging. Thus, to provide players with a great visual design that is convenient and stable and provides players a seamless navigation interface throughout each step of their betting journey, it's essential to offer mobile Apps. iGaming applications are also better appropriate for novices because of their user interface.

  • Security

Nearly all mobile betting apps launched by top names in the iGaming industry are fully secured. These apps come with advanced security features and end-to-end encryption. There is no chance of any hackers accessing the bettors' personal details and generating any financial or data risk. Every user accessing apps developed by Uplatform can enable two-factor authentication. Even if the player's password is compromised, they will be unable to log in without a fingerprint or FaceID. The bettor may set the preference whether to remain logged in in the system or log out after they end their session.

Advantages for the operators

  • Security

To prevent fraud and increase the security of the apps, software providers implement more security features. Since mobile applications are less prone to cyberattacks, it benefits both operators and players. 

  • Advantageous for regions with slow or expensive internet

A low proportion of households in regions such as LATAM or Africa have access to PCs, so the majority of people access the internet through smartphones. There are also fewer barriers for bettors to interact with using apps to place their bets because they use less data than websites. So it’s vital to have a mobile app for your project if you want to be successful in such markets and other regions, regardless of infrastructure.

  • Increasing retention

Thanks to simple, intuitive design, the player knows exactly what to do when they open an app. From straightforward 1-click registration to banners and pop-up notifications, a bet-friendly design and UI enables players to maintain their attention without pausing and rethinking the navigation process. Using apps, players also receive notifications even when they're not betting, which results in a higher retention rate, thus keeping players focused on the most important task, placing bets. User-friendly design and engagement methods ultimately lead to a satisfying player experience and higher retention rates.

  • Trust and relevance

A mobile presence is necessary to remain relevant in today's market. Most consumer's first option when dealing with a brand is to download their mobile app. Brands that offer mobile apps are also perceived by players as more trustworthy, reliable, stable, and care about their players, which makes them a better choice.

  • Wider coverage of players

Some people prefer a desktop version, others like a mobile version, and some like apps. Therefore, multiple options should be offered to satisfy all preferences and increase the number of registrations and active bettors.

  • Improving live-betting experience

Betting via an app while watching a game provides greater convenience. Currently, 46% of sports betting GGR is generated by live betting, proving it to be one of the most popular activities among bettors.

Final words

A range of options is essential for players to access your sports betting or casino website, and no particular version is more important than another. Access to all channels, including desktop, light desktop, mobile, apps, SMS, and Telegram, enables you to reach a broader audience and attract more players.

But just like a future without smartphones is unimaginable, it is difficult to think of a betting industry without them. All players and markets can benefit from Uplatform's fully featured and light versions of betting websites. Additionally, Uplatform develops quick, adaptable, safe, and user-friendly apps to meet the iGaming industry's needs. Uplatform's bespoke mobile applications optimize the player's UX with a sleek, mobile-friendly design, giving a seamless mobile experience while keeping the processes simple and secure.

Applications developed for Uplatform clients are also highly customizable and integrate all the necessary content, languages, and payments, providing a single registration and shared wallet across all channels. Registrations, deposits, and withdrawals have never been easier for players, and they genuinely appreciate the complete convenience.

The likelihood of players using casino or betting applications on their mobile devices has increased, and iGaming apps now compete for players' attention in terms of usability and accessibility. Easy-to-use, fast, and reliable mobile applications are flourishing. Given the abundance of betting apps, the competition is intense. If you're looking to ensure your iGaming enterprise remains trustworthy, relevant, and continues to profit and grow.

Then be sure to take advantage of Uplatform's cutting-edge technology and keep one step ahead of the competition.

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