Interview with Eduardo Aching

Konami: "Guests are returning to the casino with a desire to explore different game play entertainment"

Eduardo Aching, Vice President, International Gaming Operations at Konami.
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Latin America is one of the priorities for Konami Gaming. Eduardo Aching, Vice President of International Gaming Operations, details the company's strategies and specific product offerings to see that reflected, and its plans for the region in 2022 amid a recovery trend.

Konami expects "no major development in regulations, as the majority of markets have strong regulations in place," and plans to expand sales of its DIMENSION products throughout Latin America.

Could you outline Konami's plans to keep expanding its presence and reach in the Latam region throughout the remainder of the year?

At this time, Konami is connecting and engaging with casino operators to work in collaboration as businesses continue to ramp-up. Our team is ready to deliver the latest top-performing DIMENSION products to operators across Latin America. From a wide mix of Triple Sparkle games on DIMENSION 49, to SeleXion stacked-screen content on DIMENSION 27, we are looking forward to supporting our casino customers with a wide mix of proven performing and wholly reliable entertainment. 

Konami’s regional distribution partner Pacific Gaming was present at the Peru Gaming Show last month. Was there any valuable feedback, input or learnings from your partner in Lima? What role do in-person events play in your regional strategy today? Is there any Latam-focused exhibition for Konami in the pipeline?

Looking ahead to future in-person events, we’re considering each event individually and will continue for 2023 Latam-focused exhibitions. Thanks to our long-time relationships, we can communicate very openly about how to best share new products. So there is often a mutual decision or solution we can find to connect with one another—be it in-person or virtual. 

You told us in January that the company had made the transition to direct sales in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, in order to be more competitive as a supplier in those markets. Could you share an update of this decision, in terms of results and progress so far?

The opening and establishment of local Konami operations in Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay has been very well received. We have an exceptionally strong team, led by Leonardo Sosa. We’re proud to have taken this step to reach and support our casino customers in these regions.  

In that interview, you also talked about operators' search for tools and technology that allow them to better access and understand their information, with high accuracy and agile integrations. What products and services could meet this specific demand from operators in the region?

Our award-winning SYNKROS casino management system continues to drive robust data insights, patron tracking, digital patron communications, and total gaming enterprise management to operators worldwide. It is the system of choice for operators of diverse sectors, including resorts, small route stops, cruise ships, and multi-site properties.

What other demands and trends are you seeing in the region?

From what we’ve seen with the success of original new series such as Ocean Spin, Fortune Mint, and Triple Sparkle, players are looking for fresh games with new experiences. Guests are returning to the casino with a desire to explore different game play entertainment. 

You also assured us that, looking ahead to 2022, Konami was excited and "fully equipped" to deliver the latest high-performance DIMENSION products to operators across Latin America. In which markets in the region have you seen the best reception for these products?

Several of our customers in Latin America and Caribbean have successfully launched the new DIMENSION products, and they are very excited with the results. The games have been very well received by players. So DIMENSION has demonstrated results, and we are expanding our sales throughout the region.

With respect to the SYNKROS casino management system, in which other countries in the region has progress been made in the implementation of cashless mechanics? Does Mexico continue to be the most advanced in this regard?

Mexico is an excellent example of strong cashless implementation and adoption. To achieve similar results in other countries will require a strategic business decision from individual operators; the intention to see it through to implementation; and the technology—like that offered by SYNKROS—to deliver to players with ease and security. 

What are your expectations for the Latin American market for the remainder of 2022, for instance, in terms of regulations and technological development?

For the remainder of 2022, Konami is focused on continued delivery, installation, and expansion of our products to casino customers. We expect no major development in regulations, as the majority of markets have strong regulations in place. And from a technology point of view, Konami has one of the most advanced hardware solutions available in our brand-new DIMENSION series of products and the industry’s best-in-class casino management system, SYNKROS.

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