Affiliate Meet Markt, Oct. 26-27

Clarion's iGB Affiliate and Affiliate Summit partner up to launch new event in Berlin

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Clarion Events announced Wednesday a new partnership between two of its global affiliate event brands iGB Affiliate and Affiliate Summit. The partnership seeks to accelerate growth in hyper-competitive sectors such as health & wellness, dating, FX, personal finance, NFTs, and gaming. In a press release, Clarion’s authorities described the partnership as a "game changer for online businesses and affiliates".

Their first joint-venture will see 3,000+ attendees at the Affiliate Meet Markt, taking place on October 26-27 at the Arena Berlin, Germany.

"Our goal with AMM is simple: we want to offer our customers a cheap and convenient alternative to spending tens of thousands on expensive stand builds, whilst supporting their expansion into Europe, something we have always suspected they wanted and confirmed when 90% of those surveyed agreed!" said Hannah Wharrier, Managing Director, Digital Marketing, Clarion Events.

Meet Markt tables are already booking up and the event has gained positive engagement on social media since revealing the launch at the Affiliate Summit networking party during Affiliate World Dubai on February 28.

"The first time I saw a Meet Market at Affiliate Summit I was literally mind blown! I had never seen anything like it before... Thousands and thousands of conversations taking place creating tons of new business but also brilliant fun. What was apparent is that not only would this work well in the gaming market, but if we could also bring exhibitors and attendees from multiple markets under one roof it would create something no one has ever seen before,” said Alex Pratt, Managing Director at Clarion gaming (ICE/iGB).

Affiliate Meet Markt will feature an event format that will gather leaders of online businesses as well as established affiliates from other sectors looking to enter the igaming space. The vent will feature over 250 exhibitors and affiliate programs, exclusive CPA and revenue sharing deals, competitive prices as well as over 50 tactical sections to help attendees excel in their businesses.

Alex Pratt, Managing Director at Clarion gaming (ICE/iGB)

"I genuinely think this will be a game changer for sourcing new traffic in the gaming market and can't wait to feel that incomparable buzz a Meet Market brings when we open the doors in October!" Pratt added.

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