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Simplebet launches college basketball micro-betting products ahead of March Madness

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With college basketball about to dive into March Madness, unprecedented real-money micro-betting opportunities are now available from Simplebet. As the only in-game micro-betting opportunities available for college basketball, next-score markets are live across 12 states, with more markets expected to roll out as the 2022-23 season begins in early November.

For more than 550 college basketball games remaining this 2021-22 season – including many conference tournaments, a majority of NIT games, and ALL of March Madness – Simplebet will offer various markets both pre-game and throughout the entirety of each match, for every made field goal of every game:

  • Predict which team will be next to score a field goal
  • Place a wager on what type of field goal will be scored next
  • Combine both and bet on the exact type of score for the next made field goal
  • Users will be able to place wagers, and win/loss outcomes will resolve in minutes or seconds

Simplebet's college basketball products will be available for users in Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Simplebet anticipates offering these micro-betting products to users in additional states in the coming weeks

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