Exclusive interview with Simon Westbury, Digitain's Chief Business Officer

“Providing a responsible gaming environment has never had a higher profile”

Simon Westbury, Digitain's Chief Business Officer.
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The executive tells Yogonet that at SiGMA Europe the company will be exhibiting its sportsbook platform, new sports betting promotional tools as well as its free-to-integrate Fast Games portfolio. He believes speed of data, including added-value information for live betting, is a significant trend today. In order to have a responsible gaming environment, Digitain invested in a number of AI solutions, including a CRM system to identify non-responsible betting behavior.

What will be the main novelties, products, and services that Digitain will present and focus on this year at SiGMA? Which are your key goals for this long-awaited edition?

We’re very much looking forward to the SiGMA Europe expo, with a great new stand design and an enthusiastic sales team ready to meet customers old and new.

In terms of the main products and services, we’ll be promoting are our award-winning sportsbook platform, some great new sports betting promotional tools that operators will love, and our free-to-integrate Fast Games portfolio.

In terms of key goals, we hope to maintain the momentum we have gained at both Barcelona and, more recently, at Amsterdam. Both these shows were very positive for us, especially enjoyable as we were meeting visitors face-to-face for the first time in ages. Also, it was great to see the sales team in action in a proper venue, rather than over Teams – a much better environment to interact with potential clients and to grow their networks.

Considering the current pandemic scenario, what are your expectations of this return to in-person events in Malta? What is the added value today from these face-to-face business activities?

As mentioned already, in-person events such as SiGMA offer more opportunities for personal connections, networking, and learning what’s new in the industry. Our experiences for the live shows so far this year as that more visitors come to buy – feels like a fresh start for the industry.

The company recently won the Sports betting platform of the year award at IGA. What are the new demands and trends emerging among operators and bettors from the sports betting market today? In terms of technology, what are the distinguishing features to meet those demands?

In terms of sportsbooks, speed of data seems to be a hot topic – especially for live betting. Not just odds but also the speed of the important added-value information that helps customers make decisions about their next bet. In terms of other trends, the importance of providing a responsible gaming environment has never had a higher profile. To that end, we have invested significantly in a number of AI solutions including a sophisticated CRM system which is a great benefit in customer retention but also gives operators a great tool to identify non-responsible betting behavior and to take early action.

In our previous interview, the company’s head of International Offices, Tigran Sharafyan, stated that "the pandemic really challenged the igaming industry to become more innovative." Could you give some specific examples where this can be reflected, both inside and outside of the company?

Outside the industry, you can just look at how the world has adapted to working from home with much-improved communications methods. Previous concerns that some employers may have had have proved, in general, to have been unnecessary.

In our industry the pandemic certainly made us sit up and quickly review what we were doing. New products were quickly developed and launched, with roadmaps being revised to address the damage done by a lack of live sports. At Digitain we reflected the concern of our partners and added some excellent, new virtual sports and eSports to our roster, including our own Cyber Masters eSports offering.

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