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GiG iGaming platform to power German operator relaunch

Richard Brown, GiG CEO.
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Under the agreement, the Berlin-based company will migrate its existing brand to GiG's platform and re-launch in the market via the company's platform technology. This follows a year-long work of updating and improving GiG's player account management system to enable established brands to migrate their database into GiG's.

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) announced Wednesday the signing of a long-term agreement with a Berlin-based operator that will migrate its existing brand to GiG’s iGaming platform. The German brand has been operating for 18 months and has established “a significant database of customers”, GiG stated.

After the migration is completed, the operator will re-launch in the German market via GiG’s platform technology. The agreement is based on a revenue share model with a minimum duration of four years.

“This is particularly significant for GiG as this is the kind of partnership GiG has been striving towards achieving within regulated markets”, the company said. 

Over the past year, GiG has been working on updating and improving its Player account management system (PAM) to enable established brands to migrate their database successfully to GiG’s PAM.

In an official press release Richard Brown, GiG’s CEO, said: “I am extremely happy to have partnered with a successfully established operator for the newly regulated German market. It’s always a proud moment when we add to our growing list of platform partners, even more so when it’s with a company that has established a strong reputation within the industry and mirrors our vision for the type of customer we want as our partners. With their expertise and knowledge of the German market and GiG’s innovative technology, I am confident that the collaboration will drive success for both parties and deliver a truly enjoyable iGaming experience for their players throughout Germany.”


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