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Aruze stands out at G2E Las Vegas with Go Go Claw, Roll to Win Craps and Muso Dragon

Aruze's stand at G2E Las Vegas, 2021.
United States
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During the recent Global Gaming Expo, Aruze Gaming “pushed the industry's limits” (in the company's words) with the presentation of Go Go Claw, an upgraded version of Roll to Win Craps, and Muso Dragon, the newest addition to the Muso series.

One of the games presented by Aruze at G2E Las Vegas was Roll to Win Craps, a radical hybrid electronic craps table, which places electronic betting stations on a standard table and features a rear screen made up of a series of LED panels.

The game now features adjustable bets instead of a fixed bet and on top of the C&E bet, there are now two Hop bets within the design.

On the screen, the company integrates a “Roll the Dice” signal after bets are closed, before each roll.

Additionally, improvements were made in the way the dealer (only one, instead of four as in a live game) wins and collects tips. “Now it offers a variety of clues that the customer can select. We recommend electronic tipping, but some casinos have internal controls - they want to be able to print the tickets of their tips. So, we also added that feature," Aruze representatives said.

“From our viewpoint, we want to offer as many options as possible, because many casinos operate their pits totally differently. So, the more options we have, the more we will support all our clients ”, the Aruze team added.

Go Go Claw, an innovative and unique in its kind game

Go Go Claw was another of the games showcased by Aruze at the Global Gaming Expo, in a category that was never seen before in the Aruze offering: a casino claw slot machine.

Go Go Claw resembles traditional claw machines, in which a construction-style crane is manipulated to grab different objects, such as watches or other prizes. However, Azure revolutionized this format in order to reach out to western markets.

In Go Go Claw, the player manipulates the claw with a joystick and a touch screen to grab plastic balls full of bills that represent cash prizes.

While this is an RNG-based game, the skill simulation is compelling. The players feel as if they are actually manipulating the claw. The return-to-player percentages are similar to those found on regular slot machines, and the two titles - “Cash Grab” and “Grab It!” - are presented in dollar denominations.

“Go Go Claw is a clear example of how Aruze is redefining the player experience, as with Roll to Win Craps, both are options that players already know, but have been reinvented. We are redefining the limits of what games can be. When you look at something like Go Go Claw, it's something that everyone understands how to play, but it's reinterpreted in a whole new way and it feels really exciting,” Aruze representatives said.

Muso Dragon

Another of the games showcased by Aruze at G2E was Muso Dragon. Expanding on the Muso cabinet collection, Aruze dazzled with the new Muso Dragon, designed to highlight Asian gaming on the casino floor.

Shining golden dragons are placed on a mountain of coins that connect the cabinets. Red button covers, custom lighting, and footrests complete the package.

The inaugural game series for Muso Dragon is Fu Jin Shu, with titles such as Fu Jin Shu Dragon and Fu Jin Shu Phoenix. Both games feature Expander Reels, Free Games, and Wild Hold Spins. Wild Hold Spins trigger six spins to collect as many wilds and wild multipliers as possible.

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