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FBMDS launches exclusive blackjack tournament in Portugal with

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The tournament joining six games will award the top 10 players with the highest scores and will be available to all the users. The exclusive line of FBMDS’ Blackjack games created for has different values for minimum and maximum bets and different types of prizes.

FBMDS has expanded in the Portuguese online casino market launching the blackjack tournament joining six games: Blackjack Solverde, Blackjack Elite, Blackjack Diamond, Blackjack Especial Elite, Blackjack Prémio Especial, and Blackjack Especial Diamond. This range of exclusive games was brought out by FBMDS for a unique market with multiple combined selections from a single game and advantageous odds that are only available on will have a week dedicated to FBMDS exclusive games that will be promoted to players who are already fans of FBMDS games. The tournament will award the top 10 players with the highest scores and will be available to all players and followers.

The exclusive line of FBMDS’ Blackjack games created for has different values for minimum and maximum bets, and different types of prizes.

If the player is still learning or looking to improve its blackjack strategy, Blackjack Solverde will be the ideal game. The player will be able to take advantage of the minimum bets to test its best tricks. Blackjack Elite is inspired by the best blackjack tables in Portugal and allows the player to experience all the refinement and elegance of Solverde casinos from home. Blackjack Diamond is for those who like higher stakes, available in two versions: with or without the special prize. Last but not least, in exclusive special prize blackjacks, players can receive unique combinations and be rewarded with a 3:1 payout.

Ana Lucaroni, Account Executive at FBM Digital Systems, said: "Aware of the specificities of the online world, we know the importance of creating customized campaigns by the market in partnership with the clients. We believe in the success of this tournament designed for the Portuguese market as this type of campaign has been a success all over the world."

Besides the various Blackjack game options available, FBMDS offers other games in the online table category, which includes titles such as Banca Francesa. The brand's portfolio is diversified and also contains a wide range of slot titles., launched in 2017, is the Portuguese online casino with the largest offer, with more than 1300 games available to the Portuguese players, including this very unique and enjoyed FBMDS games. Solverde Group has more than 50 years of history, with 5 land-based casinos across the country.

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