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Colombia: "GAT EXPO 2021 exceeded our expectations"

The conferences on Digital Transformation towards an Omnichannel Service quickly reached the allowed occupancy capacity with 150 people.
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The Latin American gaming industry returned to in-person events with the launch of Gaming & Technology, GAT EXPO 2021, yesterday August 18, in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

With a maximum occupancy capacity of 500 people, authorized by the Mayor's Office of Cartagena, and a pre-registration of 850 interested parties, the fair began with the conferences on Digital Transformation towards an Omnichannel Service, quickly reaching the allowed capacity in the Barahona Hall, with 150 people respecting a safe distance.

Due to strict compliance with the protocols regarding the occupancy capacity of the conference room, the area was insufficient to accommodate all visitors. “The importance of the conference has been made clear. The unity of the gaming industry in Latin America, the interaction between regulators and operators, and the search for a common future of well-being in a resilient scenario became evident”, commented Lida María Roldán, Executive Director of GAT EXPO 2021.

Juan Carlos Restrepo, president of Asojuegos, shared the first message in which he referred to the opportunities and challenges imposed by the situation that occurred, and to the quick and effective response of the different verticals of the industry.

Additionally, Elizabeth Maya, from Cornazar, focused on the commitment and obligation to evolve that's imposed by technology and the new normalcy. And Evert Montero, President of Fecoljuegos, urged the industry to get out of its immediate environment, seek sustainable development goals, and deliver more to society than it is currently contributing today.

The presence of Coljuegos, represented by its Commercial Vice President, John Jairo Altamiranda, and Master Alma Itzel De Lira Castillo, General Director of Games and Draws of Mexico, ratified the intention of the governments of Colombia and Mexico to make gaming a transparent industry, free from corruption, as Presidents Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Iván Duque have proposed.

"The first day of the World Congress of Gambling in eSports (CMAe - for its initials in Spanish) concluded with resounding success", the organizers highlighted. Since it began, punctually at 2:00 pm, “the attendees did not get up from their chairs”, and according to what was expressed by LMG, “the topics prepared judiciously by each speaker were listened to very attentively”.

Furthermore, Alexandra Hernández said she was very pleased with the results of the work carried out in her debut as Marketing Director, adding: “We reached the maximum capacity of our conference area, and the number of delegates who wanted to enter was higher. Fortunately, we had a complete understanding of our visitors, and we dedicated ourselves to developing the fair on a Cartagena night, in a very favorable environment for business that culminated with a folkloric group of songs and drums, and a spectacular closing with fireworks, a gift from the WorldMatch company”.

Natalia Moreno Roldán, Senior Advisor, highlighted: “The quality of the stands, the services and the logistics of City Group have been of extraordinary support. I want to highlight that the Barahona Grand Hall, where land-based equipment is being exhibited, has been permanently packed and livened up by senior executives and casino operators, who were happy to have been successful in bringing their machines to GAT EXPO 2021”. For today a "full house" is expected again, at the I World Gambling Congress on eSports, as well as at the nightly exhibition fair.

GAT Expo 2021

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