Simon McCarthy, JPM Sales and Marketing Director

“ICE 2012 was the best year ever for JPM”

United Kingdom
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(UK, exclusive Simon McCarthy, Sales and Marketing Director of JPM, granted an interview to to talk about the recent participation of the firm at ICE show and the products presented there. “Video Max Power received a tremendous reception”, he highlighted.

How do you evaluate JPM’s Participation in ICE?
ICE 2012 was the best year ever for JPM. We had a steady flow of serious buyers from both land gaming and online markets.

How did operators respond to Video Max Power?
Video Max Power received a tremendous reception. The initial launch was in the Czech Republic, so for many show visitors it was their first opportunity to examine this revolutionary product. We also showed Video Max Power as a UK Category B3 solution, pre-loaded with 5 exciting new games. Many UK visitors commented that they were delighted to witness JPM’s continuing commitment to the UK market.
The climate for operators in many markets is tough and they quickly appreciated Video Max Power’s flexibility and income enhancing community features.

What has been the synergy between JPM and Quixant?
We’ve worked very closely with Quixant on the development of JPM’s newly launched gaming platform which utilises the Quixant QXi-200 all in one PC based gaming controller. In addition to being the basis for new developments, the resultant platform enables us to leverage our huge library of successful games with the added dimension of stunning video graphics.

What was the business climate that you could perceive in Earls Court Halls?
We felt the overall mood was positive and there is a high level of determination to deal with the economic downturn experienced by many markets. Our belief is that success, more than ever, depends on having the right products and we’re confident that our portfolio will take our customers forward.

What was the feedback that you received from operators and regulators that visited your stand?
We received a very positive response. There’s definitely an appetite for high-end products that deliver. We received some very favourable comments about our new UK products and our commitment to the UK market.

Have you received many Latin American Visitors? What are your plans for this region?
We welcomed several visitors from Latin America and Argentina in particular. The interest centred mainly on Video Max Power. Our post-ICE analysis will form part of our evaluation of these markets.

What are the next shows that you will attend as visitors?
Our next planned shows will be in the Czech Republic and in Spain.

What do you expect for the next ICE in ExCel?
We’ll be at Excel; it’s a terrific venue. ICE’s organisers have done a great job of attracting serious buyers and we’re sure this will continue.

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