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September 28, 2021

Abbiati Big Craps impressed participants at the show

Abbiati exhibited its wide range of products at G2E 2018

Abbiati exhibited its wide range of products at G2E 2018
Abbiati affirm that the reactions of customers at G2E Show have overcome any previous expectations.
United States | 10/25/2018

Global Gaming Expo 2018 was another great opportunity for Abbiati Casino Equipment, whose products showcased at booth #3423 catch the attention of visitors.


mong all the company products, Abbiati Big Craps impressed participants at the show: it is made of walnut wood named “Noce Canaletto” and it is characterizedwith high gloss polyester and gold PVD finishing to satisfy the most demanding clients. The presence of a dealer at Abbiati booth has allowed the company to demonstrate to customers the rules of the Crap and also, to entertain them during the show with an alternative form of involvement.

Thanks to the presence of the Director of Casino Education Group, one of the most prestigious dealers school in Las Vegas, who was running craps game at Abbiati booth the company had the best advertisement for the gaming layouts (especially craps) and security chips. He claimed to never have had a great pleasure to work on a such quality layout, which allows to push chips with minimum efforts. “We all know that the Craps game is not the easiest to deal, because for the back of the dealer, but with the Abbiati quality layouts you can work easy 24 hours.” The company is proud to make dealers life easier and to have their products appreciated by casino professionals.

Abbiati presented their GLI-25 certified American Roulette Laser Wheel, which incorporate an upgraded patented invisible laser technology (Class 1A). The wheel exhibited was connected to two different types of displays, indeed all Abbiati wheels have an open protocol that allows them to connect to and run winning number displays, online gaming terminals and management systems.

A great success was registered by security casino products manufactured by Abbiati: chips, jetons and plaques incorporate different security features to prevent counterfeiting. In particular, all Abbiati currency can be produced with the incorporation of an RFID tag, the PJM 3.0, an advanced technology to track the currency at the gaming table, which can assist the management of the mayor casinos in the world. The presence of a dedicated RFID station allowed Abbiati staff to present the RFID technology to customers who were interested in understanding its innovative functions.

“We are enthusiastic of the 2018 edition of G2E Las Vegas and I strongly believe that this edition of the show represented for Abbiati a great success as never before” said Misty Rodda, Abbiati Business Development for America, “I personally met many of the existing clients and new customers for future business opportunities and the feedback I received from them makes me very positive for the Abbiati future business in Americas”.

Abbiati affirm that the reactions of customers at G2E Show have overcome any previous expectations: the positive feedback reinforces the willingness of the company to continue its business development in Americas, in particular as far as concerns areas of Center and South America where the business is expected to growth significantly in the next years.

Abbiati wants to thank all customers who visited the booth. All of them opinions, ideas and suggestions are really very important and valued, moreover they allowed Abbiati company to growth, develop and continue improving their products.

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