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June 22, 2021

Macau in transparency drive

Official website reveals basic data on officials’ property

(Macau).- The declared assets of Macau’s 13 principal officials, 29 lawmakers, 76 judges and public prosecutors, 10 Executive Council (ExCo) members and 12 chiefs- of-cabinet of the principal officers have been uploaded to the court website and can be accessed in by the public at


owever, the asset declarations made public only contain basic data on real-estate property, company shareholdings and their posts in non-governmental entities.

The local government says that the publication of the data is part of its “sunshine government” policy promising official transparency. The data were uploaded on Saturday. Most of the declarations are in Chinese but some are in Portuguese.

According to The Macau Post Daily, lawmaker Chan Meng Kam came out on top as the owner of the most properties. His asset declaration revealed that he has the largest amount of immovable assets, including 53 flats, 239 shops, 28 offices and 87 parking spaces.

Chan, an ExCo member, is one of Macau’s most notable community leaders, involved in a variety of businesses including property rentals and management, hotel and gaming businesses in addition to owning a supermarket chain. He asserted to the media over the weekend that the majority of the properties listed on the form are used by the public.

According to the asset declaration law, which took effect in April, government officials including directors and vice directors of bureaus, plus the administrators of public utilities are also required to submit declarations about their assets, investments and positions in non-government entities such as associations to the court.

The 13 principal officials comprise Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On, five policy secretaries Florinda Chan Lai Man, Francis Tam Pak Yuen, Cheong Kuoc Va, Cheong U and Lau Si Io, Legislative Assembly President Ho Iat Seng, Court of Final Court (TUI) President Sam Hou Fai, Commissioner Against Corruption Fong Man Chong, Commissioner of Audit Ho Veng On, Public Prosecutor – General Ho Chio Meng, Commissioner-General of the Unitary Police Service Joe Proença Branco and Director-General of the Macau Customs Service Choi Lai Hang.

CEO Fernando Chui Sai On owns three residential units including one in the mainland and a two-storey building which is currently rented out. Chui also owns three car parking spaces, according to his declaration.

Secretary for Administration and Justice Florinda Chan Lai Man owns a flat and a 500-square-metres plot of land neither of which is located in the city but their exact location was not mentioned in the declaration. Florinda Chan also owns three flats and a parking space in the city.

Among the five policy secretaries, Secretary for Economy and Finance Tam Pak Yuen is the only one showing any involvement in the business world. He invested in four companies but currently none of them is operating. Tam also owns two flats but no more details were given about them.

Secretary for Transport and Public Work Lau Si Io and his wife jointly own one flat in the city and three houses, one for residential use and two which are rented out, none of which is in the city but no exact location was mentioned.

Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Cheong U mentioned in the asset declaration form that he and his wife jointly own three flats in Macau and two flats in the mainland, of which he and his wife own one each. Cheong also owns a parking space.

Secretary for Security Chong Kuoc Va, whose declaration was written in Portuguese, stated that he has three flats and four parking spaces.

Court of Final Court (TUI) President Sam Hou Fai only owns a house in Coloane, which is currently vacant and a flat in the mainland. Public Prosecutor-General Ho Chio Meng owns two flats and two parking spaces.

Newly-elected Legislative Assembly President Ho Iat Seng, who is also a prominent businessman, owns a flat in Macau, a flat in Hong Kong, a house in Beijing and a flat in the US. He is an investor in five companies.

Commissioner Against Corruption Vasco Fong Man Chong owns a flat in Macau and an uncompleted flat in the mainland. He also owns a commercial unit and three parking spaces.

Among the 10 ExCo members, Eddie Wong Yue Kai’s asset declaration was not on the website. Wong, an architect by profession, heads the Macau Red Cross.

ExCo member-cum-businessman Liu Chak Wan owns four houses, three flats and two parking spaces. Ma Iao Lai, also from business sector, owns two flats, 10 commercial units and three flats in Hong Kong. Leonel Alberto Alves who is lawmaker and lawyer, owns four flats and four offices.

Top government spokesperson Alexis Tam Chon Weng, who also heads the office of Chief Executive Fernando Chu Sai On, jointly owns five flats and three parking spaces with his wife.

After lawmaker Chan Meng Kam, directly-elected lawmaker Angela Leong On Kei came in second in terms of the number of properties listed, with 38 flats, 11 parking spaces, two shops and a house.

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