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September 23, 2021

It will present a whole world of systems choice

DRGT powered by SiP with strong presence at forthcoming ICE

(UK).- DRGT will be exhibiting for the first time as DRGT powered by SiP at the forthcoming ICE next month. It is only a year since DRGT announced its entrance into the international systems markets after many years of successful operations in the home market in Belgium.


he innovative prowess has created such a strong demand for DRGT systems – the new systems company – that the purchase of the Austrian Systems in Progress SiP could be added in the summer. This has provided great synergies. SiP has many years of international experience with proven reliability. DRGT is very much player focused, bringing systems in the field of marketing as well. Systems can now be adapted to each individual player on each individual slot machine.

The friendly and professional team of DRGT powered by SiP will be presenting a whole world of systems choice, including:

Traditional reel-based slot machines often still enjoy a strong following amongst certain players. Thus, many operators wish to keep them on their gaming floors. The question is how to update these mechanically based slots to an integrated cashless solution. drFast is the simplest and most cost-effective way to transform your slots to cashless operation. It incorporates iButton or RFID card technology from DR Gaming Technology.

As an option to any of their solutions it enables accounting and/or cashless on machines with no or a limited serial protocol. This product brings cashless to all markets, where traditionally there was no possibility.

drTouch has been designed for video slots which have a single touch screen monitor. When the iButton is activated, the drTouch information is displayed on the screen giving the player complete visual control over his/her account.

It is the ultimate, top of the range solution for slot machines with two or more displays. When the ibutton is activated, the drTouch² information is displayed on the lower display, while the game reels are moved to the secondary display. This gives the player complete visual control over their iButton account while allowing the player continued, uninterrupted gaming fun.

The Ticketing solution from DRGT is unique as it runs without a server. This removes a very expensive single point of failure as common found in competitors solutions. DRGT’s team works closely with the operator to provide a mechanical and technical solution to connect all the slots, even the ones with no SAS ticketing support.

It is a revolutionary way to update traditional reel-based games to the optimal possible systems solution. drTouch offers the distinct advantage of displaying the credit status of their account on the gaming screen and giving the player the choice of transferring a certain value from the account to the game credit meter. Also player tracking information, odometers, marketing messages and the original paytable glass can be showed on a vivid 19 to 22” wide Touch Screen.

The integration of SiP made a full range of progressive and mystery jackpots available to DRGT’s customers. Again a unique solution that does not require servers or controllers, enhancing the reliability and return on investment. With drScreen or drReelScreen, there is no need to place large and expensive jackpot signs above the slots. Players keep their eyes and focus on the slot monitors anyway. This is exactly where the jackpots are shown – on the before hardly used second screen of the video-based slots. Reel-based slots can be updated with drReel Screen to make use of this true benefit.

Products that are new for ICE are:

Systems has now suddenly entered the domain of the marketing departments. The screen can now be completely tailored to – and that means every individual screen. It is a system that shows messages according to the player on the machine at that moment. An individual player can be targeted in real time. Video content, ad streams, focused messaging – all on the slot monitor right in front of the player’s eyes. That is drScreen.

drSMIB Casino
Purple is the colour of DRGT. Thus it is only fitting that the premier solution from DRGT comes in purple. It offers the complete solutions as explained in this text. DRGT works on all slots.

drSMIB Arcade
It is completely new to the ICE . The AWP world is fast progressing to network integration. This brings a whole world of challenges and complexities to the operators. DRGT bring the operator’s arcade machines into the networked systems world.
The entire team of DRGT powered by SiP will be present at stand 3010, including Jurgen De Munck (CEO), Michiel van Dam (COO), Georg Steiner (Senior Business Development Director), Christian Eder (Director of Professional Services) and Franz Lechner (R&D Director).

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