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October 19, 2021


Guadalajara approved its regulation for casino operation last week

(Mexico).- Council of Guadalajara approved last week the Regulation for Online Betting Centers, Draw Halls and Casinos, on top of modifying the Regulation on Restricted Money Orders.


fter its publication in the Local Gazette, it is expected that the new nomenclature for betting sites is official, to end up with the ambiguity that allowed certain people to open and operate these kind of places.

Previously, the term “casino” appeared in Guadalajara legislation as places to rent, to organize social meetings and parties, while, as it did not exist the concept of a “betting center”, these type of places operated with licenses for restaurants and sale of alcoholic beverages.

To operate betting machines, they would not require a local authorization, because these type of authorizations are issued by SEGOB.

Now, betting centers are casinos, and former casinos will be known as meeting centers, according to the initiative approved, belonging to advisor Eduardo Almaguer Ramírez.

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