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June 14, 2021

Albert Radman, Marketing and Sales Manager

“Alfastreet is, as always, firmly positioned on IGE show and on the multiplayer gaming market”

(UK, Exclusive Albert Radman, Marketing and Sales Manager of Alfastreet, granted an interview to in which he commented the performance of the company at recent IGE show, the products that the firm presented there and the perspectives for 2010.


ondon show is traditionally an important event for AlfaStreet as the company is very strong in different European markets. What novelties in the line of the multi-player developments did the company exhibit this year?
This year we really went all out and brought several new products to the market. Most important one is our Bingo machine. We used a really unique concept for this game and made sure is it a true and equal alternative for all the roulette players around the world. The game is completely random, with live wheel and really fast games. One Bingo game is finished in 60 seconds. Mistery and progressive Jackpot are just additional perks to this famous game. Bingo can be set up in our traditional 8 player machines, or it can be also transferred to our single terminals and used as a stand alone, flexible in size and shape setup.

We must not forget about our Black Jack game, which has a unique feature, it can be operated as a live game, with a dealer, or it can be completely automated. Live game is executed with the use of our new card reading system which scans the cards and transffers the information to player's terminals. Operator can make a choice which option is or suitable for specific location. Switching between live and auto is oh so easy and can be done in 2 minutes. At the end, we also presented our MultiGame, MultiWheel, MultiPlayer solution. So called M3 solution. With this option, player can play any of our games on a single terminal, switching between the games very easily, with a choice of live video feed from the wheels, jackpot features etc. As all of this wouldn't be enough, we also redesigned all of our cabinets which are now once again one step ahead of our competitors.

How did you see the show? Which is your final evaluation of AlfaStreet's presence on it?
Alfastreet is as always firmly positioned on the show, and on the multiplayer gaming market. Every year we attract great attention from the visitors and from our friends and partners all around the world. We use this show as a chance to talk to our customers that we usually don't get a chance to talk to. Our primary goal is not to get many new customers or do a lot of sales. We've come to a conclusion long time ago that IGE show can serve for a better and more efficient purpose and we are exploiting it to the max.

So, we make sure we invite all of our partners, friends, customers, we talk to them, we make them comfortable and we make sure they are happy with our relationship, service and support overall. The sale itself is conducted as an after effect when the show is already finished. Every year, we traditionally organize a party for our friends which is held in one of the London's pubs. Over there we make sure all of our guests have a good time, enjoying good food, drinks and entertainment. This year, we had more than 300 guests.

For us, the attendance on the show is more or less the same as last years. Maybe we are a litlle bit non objective because of high volume of visitors on our stand. Eather way, we are happy with the show.

After a challenging 2009 due to the economic downturn, how does AlfaStreet face 2010?
We rely very much on our new production line. What ever we lost in terms of down turn of roulette multiplayer market, we regained (and then some) with our new products. That is why we are very excited and optimistic for this year 2010 as it may become even more successful for us.

Which are the most important markets in which the company will focus this year?
We are focused on all of our markets equally, still, our increased focus for this year will be Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe, South America, Macau.

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