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August 02, 2021

Interview to Alfonso Pérez Lizaur, from the Association of Games and Draws Licensees

"Gambling regulation in Mexico is not enough"

(Mexico).- After the announcement of Armando García Méndez, coordinator of the Sub commission of Games and Draws of the Chamber of Representatives, of the intention to write a new law to regulate games of chance, talked in exclusive to Alfonso Pérez Lizaur, president of the Association of Games and Draws Licensees, asking his opinion on the matter.


ome days ago, the sub commission of Games and Draws of the Chamber of Representatives said that in the current ordinary period of sessions it will be presented a bill to update and regulate casinos and betting centers. Which is your opinion on the matter?

The current regulation is not enough. We support the project to write and eventually present an initiative for a new law in the Congress.

In this intention of regularization. Which do you think should be the first step of the government?

Any effort performed to improve legislation will result in a better control of the activity. The regulating authority today has strong limitations in the surveillance activity and especially in order to be able to punish law offenders.

Do you think there will be groups that will resist the creation of a new law?

Yes, I think there will be groups that will be reluctant, especially those that have been favored by the “discretionary powers” allowed by the current regulation. None of our associates opposes to a new legislation, because that discretionary powers have not benefited them and have created a disorder in the market, because different rules and disloyal competence have been allowed.

Specifically, Why is the games of chance regulation in Mexico necessary?

We believe regulation is absolutely necessary in an activity that has proven to be a potential generator of social conflict unless it is regulated and controlled.

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