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Slotegrator shares the keys to Asia’s iGaming markets in 2024

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Despite sometimes strict regulations, Asian markets are considered some of the most desirable in the world. Here, Slotegrator shares what operators need to know when planning to enter markets in Asia.      

According to Statista, total online gambling market revenue in Asia is projected to reach $5.71 billion in 2024, and by 2029, the number of users is expected to be 33.9 million. What does this forecast mean? That Asian markets deserve your attention, and they’re full of opportunities you can’t afford to miss. 

Asian players have a passion for gaming and a reputation for quickly embracing new technologies, such as live dealer games and cryptocurrencies. This is the perfect mix for iGaming operators, who find ideal audiences in markets from Turkey to China. What do they need to keep in mind when entering Asian markets?

Ataur Rosul Abeer, Senior Sales Manager at Slotegrator, emphasizes: “You should follow this formula: regulatory awareness + focus on responsible gaming + the embrace of technology = success in Asia. Follow the right steps and your business will not only perform well, you’ll be considered a serious partner. Asia is very demanding, so it is important to follow this formula exactly.” 

There are a few common themes across Asian markets:

  • While many Asian nations ban gambling, or at least heavily restrict it, there’s no denying the power of culture. From Georgia and Armenia to China and the Philippines, players will place their bets no matter what the laws are.

  • The adoption of advanced technologies (AI, blockchain, etc) and the mobile format is a significant trend. These innovations have become the standard, and Asian players will expect them from day one. This is what one of the leading Asian game providers, TaDa Gaming, has to say “Incorporating AI-generated images into the promotions will invigorate the entire Asian market. Throughout Southeast Asia, real-person banners are popular for promoting and attracting players. AI-generated real-person images make everything more relatable. Soon, animations will also become smoother, making the entire promotion more appealing.”

  • Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Players appreciate the speed, security, and anonymity of crypto, so make sure your platform supports whichever cryptocurrency is the most popular in your target market. 

  • Localization is more than just translating your site into the local language. Every single detail, from language to design, has to be determined with the tastes of the target market in mind. 

  • Responsible gaming, as always, is an important topic. Adhering to responsible gaming policies in regulated markets is an essential aspect of compliance, and furthermore, meeting regulatory requirements increases the industry’s transparency and enhances its reputation. 

TaDa Gaming shares insights about player preferences in the market: “Asian players exhibit distinct preferences that set them apart from other markets. They often gravitate towards games that combine engaging visuals with culturally resonant themes and features. Among the diverse range of gaming options, fishing games have garnered immense popularity and continue to do so through 2024.

Fishing games stand out due to their interactive and dynamic gameplay. Unlike traditional slot machines, these games require players to actively participate by aiming and shooting at various types of fish, each carrying different point values. This blend of skill and luck, coupled with vibrant graphics and multiplayer options, creates a captivating experience that resonates deeply with Asian players.”

Slotegrator always provides the latest and most useful information from the world of iGaming. If you want to learn more about iGaming in Asia, be sure to read this article or watch this YouTube video at Slotegrator Academy to get a clear picture of the Asian gambling landscape with a breakdown by sub-regions (West Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia).

Yogonet held in May an exclusive interview with Ataur Rosul Abeer, Senior Sales Manager at Slotegrator, on the opportunities Asian markets open for the company and why the company is ready to tap into the anticipated growth of iGaming in the region. You can revisit it here.

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