Christopher Smith, CCO

CreedRoomz: "Latin America represents a very strong new market for us"

Christopher Smith, CreedRoomz Chief Commercial Officer
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SAGSE Latam held late March its 32nd edition in Buenos Aires, hosting representatives from leading Latin American companies at the Hilton Hotel & Convention Center. Among them was live casino software and services provider CreedRoomz, which exhibited its localized portfolio and more at the event.

To learn more about what its product proposition for the region entails, Yogonet caught up with Christopher Smith, CreedRoomz's Chief Commercial Officer, during the first day of the event for an exclusive interview.

First day of SAGSE in Buenos Aires. What are your impressions of the show?

Oh, it's a good impression for sure. It's always nice to have a high turnout. It's very hard to judge what these events are going to be like before the fact, so there's always this period at the beginning where you're like - "Is there going to be value?"

A few hours into the event now, so far, it seems like it's been very, very good for us. The follow-up is what matters though. It's all about the follow-up. So ask me again in two weeks (laughs).

What are CreedRoomz's goals for this event?

First and foremost, it's brand awareness. Latin America represents a very strong new market for us. So establishing our presence is important. We are working against some really strong products, so it's really important to differentiate ourselves.

The second part is making sure that the people who now know our brand understand what products we have to offer. We live in a world now, especially in online gaming, where localization is key. It's really important for our partners to know that we have products that are relevant to the market, with our Portuguese and Spanish-speaking tables. Focusing on that is very important for us.

Speaking of localization, would you say player preferences in Latin America are different from other markets were CreedRoomz is present?

Yes and no. Player habits are player habits wherever they're from. But I think that one of the biggest things that we've noticed in the industry over the last few years is that those small localization details do make a huge difference. Having specific languages for the markets is one thing that plays a key role, but also understanding the psychology of the players in the market is really important.

New players in Latin America have much different expectations from new players we were dealing with ten years ago in Europe. And that's because of the culture and because of the background, but even the technical limitations that we have in the different places where we operate affect how players see the product.

It's not just about having Portuguese-speaking tables for Portuguese-speaking players. It's about understanding the psychology of what these players expect and what they have now, and building bridges.

Which markets is CreedRoomz targeting in Latin America? You mentioned Portuguese-speaking tables a couple of times. Is Brazil a priority for the company?

I think everyone you speak to is going to mention Brazil. We're in Argentina, but everyone is so heavily talking about Brazil! It seems they are moving forward far quicker... And the population? Huge. So it does represent a lot of value for us.

That being said, Latin America is a very, very large continent in terms of player base. So if we're looking to the next five years, one country regulating could cause a domino effect of other countries regulating. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what will happen. That will help determine how our business moves in this wonderful market.

What are some product highlights in CreedRoomz's portfolio that operators should be aware of?

Obviously, because of the market, we have to talk about our localized, Spanish-speaking tables, and the Brazilian-Portuguese studio that we have - they're going to be the two most important things.

But leading forward into the year, we have four new releases coming out. Four show games: two rereleases of previous games that we have, and two brand new show games. We're super excited to be bringing these out because we know how important the show market is. And it's really good now that we can stand up there with the giants, with really strong names. And these two games really do stand up.

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