By Ron Mendelson, Fast Offshore

What’s behind the rise of Anjouan in the iGaming world?

Ron Mendelson is the Director of Costa-Rica based International Business & Corporate Services consultancy firm, Fast Offshore. With over 24 years of real-world experience in iGaming Licensing and Payments, Regulatory Compliance, Tax-Efficient Corporate Structuring, Incubator and other Hedge Fund Licenses, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency related services, he advises a number of international clients on their business needs in the Americas, Europe, and beyond.

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In his latest analysis, iGaming industry consultant Ron Mendelson, Fast Offshore, explores the rise of Anjouan in the online gaming world and its shift from a relatively unknown jurisdiction to a highly sought-after hub.

Five years ago, if you mentioned Anjouan as a possible jurisdiction for iGaming operators, many people in the industry would not have been able to locate it on a map. But over the last year or two, Anjouan has emerged as a leading choice for startups and established businesses looking for a jurisdiction to be licensed in.

As for where it is on a map, Anjouan is nestled within the picturesque Comoros archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Its transformation from relative obscurity to a sought-after destination for businesses seeking regulatory stability and efficiency is remarkable and is going from strength to strength. Fast Offshore has been there to witness its growth, helping many entrepreneurs get their Anjouan gaming license, going on to launch successful business operations.      

Anjouan's Evolution

Anjouan has long been recognized for its strategic significance in maritime trade routes. However, it was not until recent years that it began its transformation into a hub for international business. Despite its natural beauty and strategic location, Anjouan remained relatively unknown in licensing jurisdictions. However, spurred by the need to diversify its economy and attract foreign investment, Anjouan initiated a series of reforms aimed at streamlining its regulatory framework and enhancing its appeal to businesses worldwide. Since then, it has gone on to become a leading choice for every kind of iGaming license seeker.

From Obscurity to Prominence

With a renewed focus on efficiency, transparency, and investor confidence, Anjouan swiftly garnered attention and acclaim, positioning itself as a top choice for businesses seeking a secure and business-friendly environment. This rise to prominence was fueled by innovative policies, proactive engagement with international partners, and a commitment to adaptability and responsiveness. At Fast Offshore, we are now fielding inquiries on licensing in Anjouan on a daily basis, with more and more operators setting up there, or transferring their base there, every month.

Anjouan's Opportunity

Anjouan's rapid growth has been further accelerated by the exodus of operators from other jurisdictions, particularly Curacao. Amidst instability and regulatory changes in Curacao, many businesses sought refuge in Anjouan, drawn by its stability, reliability, and favorable regulatory environment. This influx of operators provided Anjouan with an unprecedented opportunity to showcase its strengths and establish itself as a trusted destination for licensing needs. While things are settling down now in Curacao, many have simply opted to look elsewhere. Curacao still has a number of benefits and will remain a popular jurisdiction for years to come, but there is no doubt Anjouan will continue to grow as well. As a viable option to Curacao and other jurisdictions, a license from Anjouan is an increasingly viable and popular choice.

Unraveling the Appeal

What sets Anjouan apart from other licensing jurisdictions is its combination of affordability, efficiency, and regulatory oversight. Unlike its counterparts, Anjouan offers a licensing process that is both swift and cost-effective, minimising bureaucratic hurdles and paperwork while ensuring full compliance with regulatory standards. The popularity of Anjouan licensing can be attributed to several key factors:

  • Lowest Cost Jurisdiction: Anjouan's licensing fees are the lowest in the industry, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to minimise expenses without compromising on regulatory compliance.
  • Quickest Setup Times: Anjouan boasts the swiftest setup times of all iGaming jurisdictions, allowing businesses to establish their operations with minimal delay. This agility enables enterprises to capitalize on opportunities swiftly and decisively.
  • Minimal Paperwork: Anjouan's streamlined processes translate to minimal paperwork, reducing administrative burden and facilitating a smoother business licensing experience.
  • Legal License and Regulatory Oversight: Anjouan does not compromise on regulatory standards despite its affordability and efficiency. Businesses operating under an Anjouan license benefit from robust regulatory oversight, ensuring compliance with international standards and best practices.
  • Trust and Credibility: An Anjouan license is a seal of approval and confidence for players and third-party partners. The stringent regulatory framework instils trust in stakeholders, fostering stronger relationships and long-term success.
  • Access to Banking and Payment Providers: Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of an Anjouan license is its ability to facilitate access to banking services and payment providers. This enables businesses to operate seamlessly, manage finances efficiently, and expand their reach to a global audience. Simply put, with an Anjouan license, you can partner with banks and payment providers with ease.

Fast Offshore: A Pivotal Partner in Anjouan's Growth

Fast Offshore has been instrumental in guiding numerous operators through establishing a presence in Anjouan, providing expert guidance and support every step of the way. By leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, Fast Offshore has helped businesses navigate the complexities of Anjouan's regulatory landscape, ensuring smooth and seamless transitions. From initial setup to ongoing compliance, Fast Offshore has been a trusted partner for operators looking to capitalize on the advantages of Anjouan licensing.

Anjouan's Bright Future

As Anjouan continues to build on strength after strength, the future looks bright for this emerging licensing jurisdiction. The island is poised to emerge as a true powerhouse in the world of regulatory jurisdictions, setting new standards of success and innovation along the way. Just be sure to partner with Fast Offshore to ensure the smoothest setup process and the best start to your iGaming endeavors.

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