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"To EveryMatrix, SBC Summit Latin America is the start of many activities in the region"

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A few days before the new edition of SBC Summit Latin America, EveryMatrix is getting ready to exhibit its wide range of products and solutions in one of the main events of the gaming and entertainment industry, which will take place from October 31 to November 2 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Miami.

Before the expected event, Yogonet spoke with Arturo Chaltelt, Account Manager of EveryMatrix Americas, about the outstanding participation that the B2B iGaming technology provider is planning for the fair, as well as its expansion expectations in the different Latin American markets.

What overview can you give us about EveryMatrix's participation in this year's SBC Summit Latin America? What will visitors to the company's booth find?

Giving a little background, EveryMatrix is a company that has been in business for 15 years, with many successful partnerships within Europe and other parts of the world, and very popular clients within the industry. Whereas EveryMatrix Americas is a fairly new business unit. In 2021 we managed its creation and opened the office in Miami, a key city if you want to be in the middle of Latin America and the United States. The first two years have been a lot of development and a lot of work, in establishing relationships.

Although the office is new, there are people on the team who have been in the industry for several years. However, in terms of exhibitions and conferences on this side of the world, we have not done so many activities. That is why I emphasize that SBC is a very important event for us because it will practically be the beginning of many activities and relationships. We have had spectacular events, such as the opportunity to be in New Jersey for SBC North America, with Erik Nyman, president of EveryMatrix Americas. And we expect this one to be even better.

We're expecting a very active show, with a lot of participation. Of the people I've talked to and connected with from Latin America, the vast majority are planning to come. There are going to be very interesting business conversations and panels.

Miami is a very fun city, the environment is quite favorable, and we hope that this event will be the watershed for us to increase that prominence in LatAm events, so to speak.

Taking into account what you were telling me about Miami as a neuralgic point for different places in the world, I understand that the networking expectations are very high, mainly for the Latin American market. Is there any particular market you are looking forward to addressing, considering, for example, the rapid advance of regulation in Brazil?

Brazil is undeniable. Everyone's eyes are on Brazil right now. We are doing a great job, I think, with the current clients we have and also looking to generate and develop those relationships in the future in Brazil.

The best proof of this is the launch of Slot Trumps, a very simple and user-friendly report of two or three pages, with discoveries and insights about different markets. In this case, we did the first one with a focus on Brazil and we see some very interesting information about the Brazilian player. Although there are different player profiles, the market has certain specific roots with which we believe we can make good strategies together with our partners and operators.

With this type of initiative, we try to get a little bit closer to this market. We like to get involved with our colleagues in Brazil, to support them, especially because we know that what happens in Brazil in terms of regulation will inevitably be emulated in other regions, as in the case of Colombia when it began to regulate. I think it is very important for the Latin American industry in general that regulation in Brazil is on the right track because that will serve as a parameter for other markets that, in the future, will want to regulate.

The expectation regarding Brazil is huge, it is no secret that it is a sleeping giant, and the moment it starts to be regulated correctly and more operators and more people start to be involved, we will have unthinkable volumes of gaming.

There are other very interesting markets in the region, such as Mexico, which has been growing a lot in recent years in terms of casinos and also in terms of advances in regulation. Peru and Chile are dealing with regulatory issues and are very interesting markets for us. On the other hand, we have everything for Colombia, and we are looking to increase our participation there. Of course, there is also Argentina, a very interesting market, with some unknowns because of the model it is following. We hope that everything develops in the right way. And that's what these conferences are for, to meet with these people, to learn more from them, to know which path to take. That is practically what we expect, to be able to have more information and greater closeness with our current and prospective partners in these countries that have so much future in terms of casino matters.

EveryMatrix launched a landing page dedicated to the Latin American market, perhaps to approach potential clients in the region. How is this project coming along? Do you have any other similar initiatives to boost your presence there?

Many of the people in the industry speak English. We have more than 10 offices around the world, English is our official internal language and that is why the products are initially created in English. But we know how important it is to have both cultural and physical proximity to the markets in which we are participating. That is why it was important to have content in Spanish, so that we can communicate with LatAm, without the need to translate.

I have always said, with all due respect, that there are companies that want to manage and operate in Latam from Europe or Asia and that is very complicated, you are giving up a very important advantage. For us, sitting down face to face, and shaking hands, is invaluable.

Given the different cultural nuances in Latin America, at EveryMatrix we are aiming to be able to think and speak in Spanish and Portuguese organically for our markets. Not to be seen as "translate it and try to understand what it says". We make our strategies and our products with Latin America and this part of the world in mind.

Regarding SBC Summit, do you plan to launch or announce any product or service under the framework of this fair?

The short answer is yes. In the last few weeks, we have had a lot of progress in terms of both company achievements and launches. The first one is the Slot Trumps reports I mentioned, now we have the Brazil edition, and at a certain moment, we are going to be able to do it with Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Argentina. It is a wonderful product that is supported by the entire Casino Engine team. We are going to be able to share with all the people what it is all about, what are the players' behaviors, who are the strongest studios or game providers and other types of information and statistics to be able to keep the players happy.

In addition to this, there are many developments within our Bonus Engine product. For me, it is one of our biggest differentiators that we have because it is a constantly evolving product. We now can handle bonus campaigns, tournaments, challenges, and promotions of all kinds with the necessary filters for customers. There are a lot of "bonus hunters", a lot of people who are looking to switch at the right time to collect the bonus and, with our Bonus Engine, the filters and the way of segmenting avoid those things and allow you to make a very specific target of who you want to reach and show your campaigns. Of course, we are going to talk about the Jackpot Engine, within the Bonus Engine, which allows you to put jackpots in any vertical. We're going to have some very interesting things for our current and future clients in terms of promotions and CRM.

Lastly, within the great number of quality products that we have in EveryMatrix, we must not forget the affiliate part, which is now gaining so much strength in Latin America. We have two very competitive components such as PartnerMatrix, which is our part of the software that allows us to manage affiliate campaigns, and the recent acquisition of the company DeepCI, which is also an excellent product that allows us to have information about the affiliate market without integration, it is simply an access to a website that makes everything much more practical.

Another positive news is that we recently received the SAFER Gambling certification from the WLA. We are the only provider to have this certification, which denotes that, in addition to developing products and games, we are very concerned that the gaming experience through EveryMatrix is legal and within a regulatory framework, to help our partners comply with those rules and stand behind fair play.

Regarding the conference program of the event in Miami, what participation will the company have? What do you expect to be the main topics of discussion during the sessions?

The topics are, as always, very interesting at SBC. Everybody, as we said, is talking about Brazil. There are three different panels, Brazil is on everybody's mind. There is also a very interesting session on what we were talking about emerging markets, such as Mexico, Peru, or Chile. The gaming regulation panels are also going to be very important for us.

Furthermore, EveryMatrix is going to participate by sponsoring a specific panel that is full of very popular people within the industry, which is going to be in high demand. It is the panel of international operators and affiliates in the market and how they interact with Latin America. We wanted to sponsor this session because we believe it is very similar to what EveryMatrix is all about. We hope that it will generate a very interesting discussion and that we can have our presence and brand awareness at the top of our game there.

We also hope it will be the beginning of many participations in panels and activities in Latam and the prominence that EveryMatrix should have in the region.

Also within the framework of the tradeshow, the SBC Awards will take place and EveryMatrix has several nominations, what can you share in this regard?

I think it is a very good way to conclude our participation in SBC. We were also nominated in the SBC Awards Barcelona; although we did not win any, the fact of being considered and nominated is already an honor and a testimony of our work, and even more to be able to achieve it also in Latin America, with the short time we have to be present to the full, so to speak, in the region.

We have three nominations, the first one is Employer of the Year, which is more than deserved. If you talk to any of us, I think they can tell you how proud we are to be part of this group and also how much fun it is to work here. It's a great place to work. We are also nominated for Innovation of the Year, as I mentioned previously, the Jackpot Engine and the Bonus Engine are very useful tools for CRM and promotions with players, and they are being developed with state-of-the-art technology and with a series of checks and implementations that will generate a lot of attention.

Finally, we are nominated for the affiliate programs. Our PartnerMatrix business unit has done an excellent job worldwide, generating this relationship between operators and their affiliate programs. We bring you that much closer to being able to have a successful affiliate campaign with your different agents.

In short, these are three fair nominations, we have a very strong competition and we are very honored and proud to be on the shortlist with such important companies, so strong and so talented. It is going to be complicated, but we are going to be there, enjoying ourselves and crossing our fingers.

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