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"Soft2Bet's attendance at G2E Las Vegas is a strategic initiative in line with our larger aims for global expansion"

General Counsel at Soft2Bet David Yatom
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As part of its global expansion strategy, Soft2Bet is making an appearance at the upcoming Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, in line with the company's larger vision for international growth in the iGaming industry. 

In an exclusive interview, General Counsel at Soft2Bet David Yatom Hay shares the company's objectives for participating in G2E and sheds light on its plans to explore emerging opportunities in North and Latin America.

Soft2Bet has been actively expanding its presence in various global markets. How does your participation in G2E contribute to your global growth strategy?

Soft2Bet's attendance at G2E Las Vegas is a strategic initiative in line with our larger aims for global expansion. The event not only offers us a stage to display our products and affirm our commitment to responsible gaming, but it also gives us valuable insights into emerging trends and regulations, especially in the North American market. In terms of our specific goals for the event, we aim to network and build relationships with potential partners, investors, and other key stakeholders, which is critical for our market expansion.

Additionally, G2E is an invaluable source for collecting firsthand market intelligence that shapes our strategic plans. The event also enhances our brand's visibility and credibility on a global scale, which is essential for breaking into new markets and attracting investment. Finally, the discussions and interactions we'll have with regulators and industry experts will offer useful insights into compliance requirements and best practices across varying regulatory landscapes.

Our presence at G2E is not just about immediate gains but is part of a long-term strategy to position Soft2Bet as a leading and responsible operator in the global iGaming industry.

The event not only gathers leading stakeholders in the North American region but also from Latin America and beyond. Which markets will you target at the expo?

Certainly, G2E serves as a pivotal gathering point for stakeholders from both North and Latin America, providing Soft2Bet an invaluable opportunity to explore potential markets in these areas. We have a keen interest in these regions, especially given their promising potential for business expansion.

At the expo, our attention will be spread across several markets. In North America, our ongoing efforts include plans to apply for a license in New Jersey, so we are particularly eager to engage with stakeholders familiar with the U.S. market. Additionally, we are making strides in Canada, specifically Ontario, and aim to understand the regulatory landscape there better.

In Latin America, countries like Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico have shown substantial growth in the iGaming sector, making them attractive targets for future partnerships and regulatory discussions. Overall, our goal is to forge meaningful connections and acquire market intelligence that will shape our expansion strategy in both North and Latin America. The event will offer us the chance to interact with regulators, potential business partners, and industry experts, helping us better grasp the challenges and opportunities in these vital markets.

Can you provide insights into what Soft2Bet plans to showcase or highlight during the event? What are your expectations in terms of networking opportunities?

Soft2Bet has much to share with the new market, including our comprehensive services ecosystem that enables our customers to manage all processes and aspects around sportsbook brands. Each service is a complete, efficient business solution, but they provide exceptional managing possibilities combined. 

But Motivational Engineering is the main innovation we want to focus on G2E. Soft2Bet offers innovative mechanics to unveil the entertainment potential of traditional sportsbooks to the maximum. We merge the betting experience with casual gaming, creating unique, engaging, and captivating combinations like city-builder, card games, and more. As a result, gamified brands increase user LTV, ARPU, and other crucial metrics. 

The gaming industry is rapidly embracing new developments such as AI. How does Soft2Bet approach innovative technologies in its processes and portfolio?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is pivotal in shaping the future of Soft2Bet's product development and growth. It's not just hype — AI genuinely can reshape how Soft2Bet approaches design, development, and business planning, making everything more data-focused, user-friendly, and forward-thinking. By weaving AI into our product development and growth plans, Soft2Bet boosts efficiency and precision and establishes itself as a frontrunner in the industry, constantly pushing for progress and innovation.

Expanding into multiple markets brings cultural and market-specific challenges. How does Soft2Bet approach localization and customization to cater to diverse player preferences and regulatory requirements?

Tailoring your offerings to individual markets is essential, especially for regulated ones. We customize each project to meet the unique demands of every country, tweaking features, bonuses, events, and even game mechanics. In doing so, we craft a distinct product variant for each market.

Diversity in our team is another key strength. Soft2Bet is a melting pot of experts from all over the world. This global blend equips us with the cultural insight needed to find the best strategies for business expansion in various countries.

Additionally, our Payment Gateway is flexible to local needs. While Soft2Bet provides standard global payment methods, we also incorporate the most sought-after local options to align with specific user preferences.

What should we expect from Soft2Bet for the remainder of the year? Are there any new plans or announcements you could share with us?

We've recently secured a license in Greece and are eager to deepen our presence there. We're constantly updating our platform integrating cutting-edge features and technologies, especially in motivational engineering. Moreover, we're ramping up our efforts to tailor our offerings specifically for the Greek market, ensuring we cater to their tastes with pinpoint accuracy.

We're also excited about our expansion into Italy as it reinforces our presence in Europe. Our drive to increase our regulatory reach is evident, and Italian operators will genuinely appreciate the value we bring to the table. As we progress, we'll collaborate closely with Italy's online gambling regulator, ADM, to ensure we're in line with all local regulations.

On the topic of plans, Soft2Bet will be present at the year's most notable industry events. Specifically, we're gearing up for SiGMA Europe Malta 2023 and ICE London 2024. At the latter, our representative will share insights that the community will find invaluable. And we've got something special planned for our booth at ICE, so keep an eye out.

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