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"At G2E, Quixant will showcase its core products and highlight our unique features and dedicated customer support"

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Gaming and sports betting solutions provider Quixant is gearing up for the highly anticipated G2E Las Vegas event. With only weeks left until the new edition takes place, Patricia Souto Rial, VP of Business Development for Spain & LatAm at Quixant, shares insights into the company's preparations with Yogonet

In this exclusive video interview, she discusses the new product launches, innovations, and the company's commitment to providing reliable solutions, as well as the importance of G2E for the company's plans.

Quixant is participating in the upcoming G2E Las Vegas. Are there any new product launches, updates or innovations that the company plans to unveil exclusively at G2E and if so, what can you share about them? 

I'm excited about it. We only have a week to go. The Quixant team will be available at our stand at G2E to unveil some exciting new product launches. Equally important, we'll showcase a new hardware platform, cabinets, and software solutions. Most importantly, we'll be networking with both our existing and potential new customers, discussing the new products we are adding to our already extensive range of products. 

We're actually very excited about extending our product range, including the launch of our new IQON  Intel based product. The product offers more features and provides a competitive advantage in the gaming and sports betting market, both in terms of performance and features. 

So, I would say, please keep an eye on our progress, and we warmly invite all G2E visitors to our stand. Come and see how our experts can help you stand out from the crowd.

Quixant launched its QMAX Gaming hardware platform earlier this year, at ICE London. What has been the reception to this product thus far this year?

The customer feedback has been extremely positive and well-received, almost overwhelmingly so, with many positive responses from different regions. Most importantly, we tick all of the boxes, from the entry level, to the high-end video slot applications. 

It's truly a powerful platform that will elevate our partner’s customer experience  to the next level. What's even more significant is that key players within our industry are already integrating the new suite of games. We are working with them to support these customers for the new launches next year.

What does this participation at G2E mean for the company, especially given the prestige of the event?

G2E is a very important event for us, and it's a must on our calendar. I'm very pleased to share that 70% of our diary for this upcoming show is already booked. The expo provides a wonderful opportunity to engage with both existing and new customers during the three days. 

We aim not only to showcase our core products but also to highlight our unique features and dedicated customer support service, which all our customers and future customers can benefit from. Visitors to our stand can expect an exceptional level of expertise from our team, across all business units. I must stress that our focus is entirely on the gaming and sports betting industry; it's our bread and butter.

As for what attendees can expect, our stand at G2E will feature the launch of the new IQON powered by Intel technology, as well as our established IQ range, which is our most cost-effective range, especially for cost-effective markets, including LatAm markets. And let's not forget our turnkey solutions for cabinets and kiosks tailored for the gaming and sports betting industry.

We provide a variety of hardware platforms and cabinets. In terms of hardware solutions, we offer products suitable for all vertical markets, with options for both AMD and Intel solutions. From a hardware perspective, our product range can be split into three main categories. The first, QMAX, which we touched upon at the beginning of this conversation, is based on Intel technology, offering exceptional graphics power and a specific focus on high-speed video slot cabinets and roulette machines. 

In the middle range, we have the IQON family of products, which provide solutions based on both AMD and Intel technology. As mentioned, we will be launching the next generation of IQON products at G2E,  powering 2-4  displays. Additionally, you can benefit from our Software Suite and dedicated customer support across our family of products.

Next, we have our cost-effective family of products, IQ. This range is currently based on AMD and is tailored especially for markets that prioritize competitive pricing, without compromising on performance. 

Importantly, from a technical perspective, all the APIs are compatible across our entire product range. We offer robust commercial solutions and provide dedicated technical support 24/7. We also have the role of the Field Application Engineer, who is allocated to each project to offer unique support based on the specific goals of our customers.

As you noted, Quixant offers a variety of hardware platforms, including IQ, IQON, and QMAX. How customers can benefit from choosing one over the other?

The QMAX is particularly focused on high-end video slot applications, offering powerful graphic performance at a very competitive price point. Customers looking to enter this market can greatly benefit from its capabilities.

The IQON series, on the other hand, is designed with a focus on Video Lottery Terminals (VLT) and Multi-game markets. These products can support between 2 and 4 displays, making them versatile for various applications.

Our middle-range products, which still offer a unique set of Software Suite features, help our customers stay ahead in the game. The IQ series, for instance, can drive up to two display monitors and is based on AMD technology. It is especially well-suited for markets like LatAm, which may have budget restrictions.

Regardless of which family of products our customers choose from, the APIs remain compatible. Importantly, this means that if a customer has integrated a product based on the IQ or IQ-1 to target the Puerto Rico market and invested resources and budget, those resources can be easily transferred and used when targeting a different market, such as the USA with the IQON series. This ensures that resources are not wasted and are always transferable, which is a crucial element of our offering.

The gaming and sports betting industries require a focus on content and customer experience. What customization options are available for these products?

The most important thing in gaming and sports betting is content and player experience. Quixant can provide the industry with very powerful and reliable solutions. This enables customers to take advantage of our proposition: a dedicated gaming and sports betting Software Suite with all the different elements of software they need to integrate their sports betting books, or games. 

Alongside this, we offer hardware boards that are fit for purpose, allowing them to invest their time, resources, and investment in content and the gaming player experience. You also mentioned customization, which is always available for all our solutions, both for sports betting and gaming. To answer your question, the customer will be at the forefront of our ethos. How we engage with our customers and make their journey as smooth as possible is critical for us. 

These are the elements we manage to drive this journey. The journey doesn't finish when the customer orders the product. It starts when the customer engages with us. We have a conversation, understand the requirements for the application they're trying to drive, and based on the market they're trying to target, we work in partnership through all the integration processes.

We also work through any order variations or challenges through our dedicated support teams. It's very important to highlight the role of the Field Application Engineer, who is dedicated to the particular account to ensure they can concentrate their efforts on content.

Gaming and sports betting markets in Latin America are drawing worldwide interest right now. Patricia, what are the most important and most valuable markets for Quixant, and which of the markets do you see as having the most growth potential?

The LatAm market is really important for Quixant. We are currently working on exciting opportunities and projects in this region, some of which are gaining significant attention in the news. Quixant aims to provide a comprehensive solution tailored to the specific requirements of the LatAm market, ensuring security and compliance. We also understand the complexity of the Latin American market and the importance of engaging with the gaming community in this region.

We're particularly enthusiastic about our involvement with countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil. Brazil, in particular, has caught our attention due to the upcoming sports betting legislation.

As someone who is Latina at heart, I extend a warm welcome to our G2E visitors, especially our Latin gaming community. Please visit our booth and meet our dedicated team, including Celia, Andrés, and myself. We're eager to listen to your requirements and challenges, and we look forward to working in partnership with you. Stay tuned for updates, and we can't wait to meet the Latin community at G2E.

Watch the full interview here.

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