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Las Vegas: Casino Esports Conference announces schedule, extra workshop event called CEC-U

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Organizers of the Casino Esports Conference (CEC) 2022, which has been held for the past 7 years in Las Vegas, announced an extra classroom/workshop event called CEC-U. The event will be held at Alexis Park Resort, 375 E Harmon Ave. The CEC runs from February 27 to March 1, focusing on Esports, video gaming, and more.

"This event is also a great opportunity for companies looking to get into this lucrative space. The CEC covers many topics related to entertainment that we call Techtainment. You do not need to be in the Casino industry to attend, our event will also be open to many non-wagering operators, municipalities, and anyone in entertainment," the organizers said.

Among the highlights, the 2023 edition will feature:

  • Pro Athletes, including Charles Oakley, Ahman Green, and Johnathan Wendel (Fatality);
  • Tournaments with prizes, including a two-day Esports Tournament;
  • Trip to special locations in Las Vegas;
  • World-class training and panels;
  • Mixers/Networking events plus Breakfast/Lunch each day.

During the upcoming CEC Mixer Event taking place in Illumiarium Space Experience in Las Vegas at Area 15, "guests can enjoy cocktails and curated eats, surrounded by cutting-edge projection and audio systems that will transport them to the ‘deep space’ through a truly immersive experience, powered by Lightware."

Transportation to and from Alexis Park Resort at 4:45 PM on day one (CEC-U) will be provided By Lightware.

Day 1 of the CEC-U event includes hands-on class-style training. Additionally, for the first time, Gaming Labs International is providing education and information on Esports and how to integrate it into your iGaming/online and land-based casinos.

Day 2 and 3 will feature panels and networking that provide information and tools to move your esports ventures onward and upward.

Featured speakers include:

  • Jan Jones Blackhurst (Executive Director, UNLV Black Fire Leadership Initiative Caesars Entertainment Board of Directors Chief Executive in Residence, UNLV International Gaming Institute).
  • Michael Kilpatrick Morton – Senior Policy Counsel Administration Division Nevada Gaming Control Board.
  • Seth Schorr – Chairman, Downtown Grand and CEO, Fifth Street Gaming.
  • Lukas Eggen – An award-winning journalist and podcaster in Las Vegas. He co-founded LAN Parties: A Gaming and Esports Podcast at the Las Vegas Review-Journal with Ryan Smith in 2020. 
  • Oliver Lovat – His expertise is in customer-facing real estate and the evolution of Las Vegas, serving as faculty at City, University of London Business School in London, as a regular contributor at the UNLV, and previously as faculty at The University College of Estate Management, lecturing on strategic asset management.

Some of the major topics include Gambling and Wagering; Collegiate Esports; Professional Esports; Esports and video gaming eco-systems and cultural aspects; Esports Marketing; Tourism Impact; Hardware; Hosting Esport Tournaments; Esports and gaming; Esports Legal and Regulation; Investment; Casino of the Future; Immersive experiences; Innovation UNLV (Black Fire) and Stockton U.

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